USMS Registration

 If this is your first time registering, please read the bottom highlighted paragraphs regarding team affiliation. 

Click: Join to register online as an individual.  While USMS does prefer that members register online, you may print a 2017 Swimmer Reg Form and send it to Sian Nimkoff, CT Registrar at 7 Hundred Acres Road, Newtown CT 06470.  Please make checks out to CTLMSC.  2016 registration begins November 1, 2015.

USMS offers a One Event Registration intended for swimmers who would like to try a meet before decided to sign up for a year.  Click: One Event Registration Form for dates after November 1, 2015.  Remember though, if you sign up after November 1, 2015, your yearly membership is good until December 31, 2016 and it maybe more worth while to sign up for the full year.

If you would like to try USMS for a 30-Day Tryout period, please use 2017 30-Day Tryout Form.

If you would like to change your affiliated club click:  2017 Transfer Form

Click:  This year new and returning clubs and workout groups can also register online by clicking on  2017 Club Registration Form and 2017 Workout Group Registration Form can also be downloaded.  If your team is already registered, they will receive a link from the USMS National office.  If your group would like to compete as part of CONN Master’s at larger meets but would like to have the benefits of being a USMS recognized group (benefits included working with Coach and Club services and access to USMS Club supplies) consider becoming a workout group instead of a club.

A new rule this year is that all members that do not sign up for a club, that would have been known as UNAT before, will now be part of “UC05”, which is the unattached “team” for Connecticut.  Members of this club will not be allowed to do relays.  This rule was created to satisfy rules withing the larger FINA Master’s Swimming.  Please consider joining a club even if you don’t plan on competing.

When registering for USMS, you will be first guided to pick an LMSC (Local Masters Swim Committee).  This is selected for you based on your zip code, but can be changed to any LMSC.  Underneath the LMSC, you will be ask to select a CLUB.  The first choice for club is Unattached (Will appear as UC05).  Unattached (Will appear as UC05) is listed as a club for FINA Master’s Swimming rules and will be listed as a club.  All actual clubs are listed underneath Unattached (Will appear as UC05).  You MUST select a club.  We would like all CONN Masters to select a club other than Unattached (Will appear as UC05).  If you do not practice with a club that is listed, please choose Connecticut Masters as your default.  By USMS rules, you are not required to practice with any club or workout group in order to belong to that group for membership purposes.  

RELAYS:  The importance of choosing a club other than UC05, is for doing relays.  No member of an unattached club may ever participate in relays.  Results of relays including UC05 members may not be submitted to USMS as legal relays.  Any member of the same club can participate in relays together, regardless of workout group.  Therefore, a CONN Masters relay may include a member of Meriden Masters, Westport/Wilton Masters, and WHAT Masters, and a member with no workout group affiliation but may not include a UC05 member as they are not part of  the CONN Masters Club.  

If the club you choose has workout groups (not all do), you will be asked if you would like to pick a workout group.  You are not required to select a workout group and many do not.  The advantage of choosing a workout group is manly for team pride and some clerical advantages for workout group leaders.  It will not effect your ability to participate in any event or relay. 

Our registrar, Sian Nimkoff, is excellent about helping people change their affiliation from UC05 to other clubs.  But while she has been FABULOUS about fixing swimmers team affiliation extremely quickly, it is added stress on you, the meet director, and the registrar to try to change from UC05 to a club as meets are approaching quickly.  Please email her early if you would like to change your affiliation.