Registration for 2013 begins November 1st, 2012.

 2013 Swimmer Registration Form to register online as an individual.

 2013 New Club Membership Application to download the form for new team registrations.  Reregistering teams will be asked to do so online. 

 CT currently has 7 registered USMS clubs (CCAT, CONN, CPCT, GRYM, HMAS, MMST, TARG, TBH, ZEUS).  If your workout group is not a registered USMS club then you have the option of signing up as CONN (Connecticut) or UNAT (unattached).  When you sign up with a specific club you are eligible to swim relays with other members who have signed up with the same club.  If you sign up as UNAT you are ineligible to swim in relays.  For example, Wilton masters is not a registered USMS club, it is a workout group.  It’s members can either sign up as CONN or UNAT.  If they sign up as CONN they can swim with other CT swimmers who are also signed up as CONN, if they sign up at UNAT they cannot swim in any relays.