USA Masters Top Ten SCM

CONN Masters had 18 Top Ten individual finishes for the 2015 Short Course Meters Season and 4 relay teams also won Top Ten honors, according to the official rankings now available on the US Masters website.  Galen Rinaldi led the way with 4 Top Ten individual finishes and 3 Top Ten relays.  Janit Romayko had three individual Top Tens and 1 Top Ten relay.  Amanda Brown had two individual Top Tens and 2 Top Ten relays.  John Craig had the highest men’s finish, ranking second in the nation in the Men’s 60-64 200 Meter Butterfly. Rinaldi had the highest women’s finish, ranking second in the Women’s 45-49 400 Free.

CONN Top Ten Individual SCM 2015

CONN Top Ten Relays SCM 2015

2015 USMS Top 10 SCM for CONN Masters

Women 25-29
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === ==== ===
7 100 Breast Amanda L Brown 26 CONN Connecticut 1:20.11
4 200 Breast Amanda L Brown 26 CONN Connecticut 2:55.01

photo (66)

(Cyndia Sanchez)

Women 35-39
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === ==== ==
10 100 Breast Cyndia Sanchez 37 CONN Connecticut 1:27.55
7 200 Breast Cyndia Sanchez 37 CONN Connecticut 3:07.85

photo (61)

(Ally Sega)

Women 40-44
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === =
9 200 Fly Ally Sega 42 CONN Connecticut 3:51.00

Women 45-49
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === ====
8 100 Free Galen D Rinaldi 47 CONN Connecticut 1:06.31
6 200 Free Galen D Rinaldi 47 CONN Connecticut 2:21.86
2 400 Free Galen D Rinaldi 47 CONN Connecticut 4:54.08
3 1500 Free Galen D Rinaldi 47 CONN Connecticut 19:51.46

Women 70-74
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === ====
7 50 Breast Janit P Romayko 70 CONN Connecticut 53.31
6 100 Breast Janit P Romayko 70 CONN Connecticut 1:56.69
7 200 Breast Janit P Romayko 70 CONN Connecticut 4:14.01
8 100 Fly Ann Louise Onton 72 CONN Connecticut 2:46.17
7 200 Fly Ann Louise Onton 72 CONN Connecticut 6:14.98

Men 25-29
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === ==== ====
8 400 Free William A Ballentine 29 CONN Connecticut 4:43.43

photo (65)

(Rob Dugay)

Men 30-34
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === ==== ===
7 800 Free Robert E Duguay 30 CONN Connecticut 10:27.12

Men 55-59
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === ==== =
3 200 Fly Jeffrey S Stuart 55 CONN Connecticut 2:35.25

Men 60-64
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === ==== =
2 200 Fly John M Craig 61 CONN Connecticut 2:32.05

2015 USMS Top 10 SCM Relays for CONN Masters

Paul,Doug,Art,Rick Men's 800 Relay

(Epstein, Gugino, Gunzl, Spear)

Men 240-279 SCM (2015)
Place Event Club LMSC Time Swimmers
===== ========== =============== ========================
9 800 Free CONN Connecticut 11:20.87 Douglas A Gugino (55), Paul M Epstein (69), Rick Spear (64), Arthur Gunzl (53)

Women 120-159 SCM (2015)
Place Event Club LMSC Time Swimmers
===== ========== =============== =========================
6 800 Free CONN Connecticut 11:20.98 Ann F Faust (56), Amanda L Brown (26), Galen D Rinaldi (47), Madeline Bey (29)

photo (60)

(Onton, Romayko, Faust, Rinaldi)

Women 240-279 SCM (2015)
Place Event Club LMSC Time Swimmers
===== ========== =============== == ========================
6 400 Medley CONN Connecticut 7:23.19 Galen D Rinaldi (47), Ann F Faust (56), Ann Louise Onton (72), Janit P Romayko (70)

Mixed 120-159 SCM (2015)
Place Event Club LMSC Time Swimmers
===== ========== =============== ===========================
10 400 Free CONN Connecticut 4:26.77 Galen D Rinaldi (47), Robert E Duguay (30), Amanda L Brown (26), Arthur Gunzl (53)

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US Masters Calendar of Events

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While we will try to keep up notice of upcoming meets on our Connecticut Masters site, the go-to-place for meet information is located on the US Masters site at this link:

Calendar of Events

You can enter any zip code or city, and it will list all upcoming meets within 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 or 1000 miles, as well as open water events. Check it out today.  There are already a number of events listed for Connecticut this summer, including:

Pool Events:

Connecticut Masters’ Games Swim Meet – May 15, 2016

Nutmeg Games – August 6, 2016

Open Water Events:

Lake Terramuggus 3,2,1 and 1/2 mile swims – June 19, 2016

Mystic Sharkfest Swim – July 9, 2016

Greenwich Point One Mile Swim – July 16. 2016

Pig Iron 3, 2, 1, 1/2 Mile Swims in Vernon, CT – July 24, 2016

Island Beach Two Mile Swim – August 6, 2016

New races are added all the time.

Thinking about a vacation to Florida or a visit to in-laws in Ohio?  Go to the Calendar of Events page and see if there is a upcoming meet or open water swim in the area around the time you are planning to go and schedule your trip accordingly. The site lists all meets in the US and some around the world.

There is also a link to upcoming national and international championships.

National and International Championships

Here are the championship events for 2017:

2017 Nationwide U.S. Masters Swimming Spring National Championship
Riverside, California
April 27-30, 2017
Short Course Yards

2017 U.S. Masters Swimming Summer National Championship
University of Minnesota Aquatic Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
August 2-6, 2017
Long Course Meters

XVII FINA World Masters Championship
Budapest, Hungary
July-August, 2017 (Masters dates are TBD)
Long Course Meters

Mark your calendars, then get back in the pool, and start training!

Registering for a club and participating in relays

Several years ago, FINA, the international governing body for masters swimming created a rule that no swimmer would be allowed to participate in an international event without belonging to a “team”, or as USMS calls a club.  USMS had allowed for swimmers to be considered unattached and these swimmers not be allowed to participate in international events and could potentially negate the results for other attached swimmers.  USMS considered many possible solutions to this problem and decided upon creating clubs called unattached, one for each LMSC.  These teams or clubs would fulfill all the purposes of a team for FINA’s rules but would still not be considered actual clubs by USMS rules.  While you may swim in international events as an unattached swimmer, you may not participate in relays at any level.

It has been found that when registering, there is still confusion.  Some reasons include the confusion between belonging to LMSC Connecticut and Club Connecticut Masters.  Being part of  the LMSC Connecticut does not automatically place you on Club Connecticut.  Relays are organized at the club level, not the LMSC.

Others might be confused as they do not practice with an established workout group within CONN Masters.  USMS does not require you to practice, pay membership fees, or officially join a team or workout group in order to be listed as part of that group for your membership purposes.  For example, a swimmer who lives in Michigan and practices in Detroit might be a member of the LMSC Connecticut.  A person who practices in West Hartford might be a member of Meriden Masters work out group.  And a person who practices by themselves in Brookfield may still be a member of Club Connecticut Masters.  Under USMS rules, this is all acceptable.

If you are currently listed as UC05, please reconsider joining a club.  If you do not belong to a club listed, please join Connecticut Masters.  It is an advantage to you and other members to belong to a club as it increases the ability to participate in relays.  Please contact Sian Nimkoff, the registrar for Conn (LMSC) Masters at to update your club affiliation.

USMS Coaching and Adult Learn to Swim Classes offered in the Northeast

USMS is offering a Coaching Levels I and II class in New York City on March 20, 2016.  Many masters from Connecticut have already taken this class which teaches both on deck coaching skills and also program management skills.  This program is beneficial for those already coaching and those interested in becoming a coach or starting a program and for any masters swimmer who swim independently and are self coaching.  You may register at New York City Levels I and II.

USMS is also offering an Adult Learn to Swim (ALTS) Instructor class in Boston on April 23, 2016. The class will be instructed by Bill Meier, who is very passionate about the ALTS program and April being Adult Learn to Swim month.  This program is great for any swimmer who is interested in teaching adults to swim and has no swim instructor experience or has work with children and would like to learn how to adapt those skills to better help adults.  You may register at:  Boston ALTS Instructor Class

It’s that time of year again: Registration

Please go to the Registration Page to register for USMS or to renew your membership.  If you were registered in 2015, your registration is good until 12/31/15 and you may compete in meets for the rest of the year with the your 2015 membership.  However, if you are new to masters, you may register now for the 2016 season and that membership will begin as soon as it is process (almost immediately if done through the website, longer if sent in by mail).  Most years there is confusion as to what areas to sign up for.  First pick your LMSC.  CONN is the LMSC for this area.  Then pick your club.  There are multiple clubs to pick from in Connecticut, including Club CONN (different from the LMSC CONN), and you also have the choice not to pick any club.  If you do not choose a club, you will be added to “Club” UC05.  This club is for technical purposes only and will not allow you to participate in any relays, so it is encouraged that you pick a club.  Under Club CONN, there are workout groups and you may choose a workout group, especially if you practice with one of the many area teams but you are not required too.  As always, our registrar is great about fixing mistakes in the registration process.  She is, however, a volunteer, so please try to be as accurate and thoughtful as possible when registering so as to help her out as much as possible.

Colonies Zone and National Championships for LCM

Registration for these two championship meets have been added to the Registrations and Results 2015 page.  If you are planning or interested in going to Nationals in August please contact Rob Duguay at  He would like to organize transportation, rooming, and relays with anyone who might be going.  Please note that the registration deadline for Nationals is July 6th which is a month before the meet itself.


USMS Coaching Certification Class in Connecticut

USMS is hosting a USMS Masters Coach Certification Level 1 and 2 Class on Saturday, April 18th, 2015, starting at 9:00 am running through 5:00 pm.  The class will be held at Hilton Garden Inn Hartford North\Bradley International Airport located at 555 Corporate Drive, Windsor, Connecticut.  This is an excellent opportunity for any one who coaches Masters Swimmers, paid or volunteer.  Also, if you’ve ever wondered if you have what it takes to start a program or help out with your program, this class will give you the skills you need.  You must be a current USMS Member to participate and received the certification.  Recognized USMS coaches will receive a discount but it is not necessary to participate.  Dominic Latella and Bill Brenner are the instructors for this class.  Click here for registration and more information.  Registration will end Friday, April 17th or when 40 people have signed up.

Reminder information from the Registration Page

A reminder for registration season:

During the online registration process, you will be asked to pick a registered USMS club.  If you do not pick a club, you will be automatically assigned to UC05, which is the unattached club*.  Once you pick a club, if that club has workout groups (not all do), you will be asked to pick a workout group.  All members of the same club can participate on relays together, regardless of workout affiliation.  When participating at meets, you will be listed by your club, not your workout group.  So for example: if you register for club CONN, and workout group Wilton, you may participate in relays with someone who registered for club CONN, and workout group Meriden or someone who is registered for club CONN, and did not pick a workout group.  You may not participate in relays with someone who registered for Chelsea Piers, as they are a different club.

*UC05 is referred to as a club for the technical purposes of FINA Master’s Swimming rules, but does not include any of the benefits of being part of a club.  UC05 members may NOT do relays.  You are encouraged to sign up for a club, even if you do not currently plan on doing relays.  While our registrar has been great about fixing swimmers team affiliation extremely quickly, it would be a shame to miss an opportunity because you were not able to coordinate with her.

Also, to clarify: USMS and CONN masters does not care which pool or which team you practice with when registering.  You are welcome to self designate your team/workout group as you see working best for you.  Please check with your pool/team first, however, if you would like to use a different group as they may have other expectations.  If you would like to change your team/workout group status, please contact Sian Nimkoff.

Invitations to Meets in Metropolitan and New England

Both Metropolitan (southern New York including NYC and Long Island)  and New England (all of New England minus Connecticut) LMSCs made specific points to invite Connecticut Master’s to their upcoming swim meets.  Highlights of the fall season include: Post SCY in Brookville, NY on October 5th, October Swim Fest at Simmons College in Boston on October 18th, Leaf Peepers Meet in White River Junction, VT on October 25th, Hawktoberfest at Roger Williams University in Bristol on October 26th, and the Dr. Bill Ross Annual Memorial Meet (all proceeds to support pancreatic cancer research) at the Nassau County Aquatics Facility, in East Meadow, NY on Nov 23.  While Connecticut is hosting two meets also, Wilton on November 2nd and Cornerstone on November 16th, please consider finding one meet in a neighboring state to support also.  All registrations can be found under Meet Results.  As always, these meets are open to all registered masters swimmers- there are no qualifying times or speed expectations.  These are for fun and often for fundraising: everyone’s participation is welcome.

Master’s Swimming and Triathlons just go together

There have been many Connecticut Masters participating in Triathlons this summer.  Whether a swimmer that tried a tri, or a triathlete that wanted more experience swimming and joined USMS, the sports really to seem to draw many of the same people.  If you are a Connecticut Master’s swimmer and notice a triathlete who is interested in becoming a stronger swimmer, please encourage them to seek out a master’s swim program.  Many triathletes are finding that the best way to improve their swimming over the winter is by joining a master’s program as it both will work on their technique and keep them training harder.  USMS has strongly encouraged master’s coaches to work with triathletes and positively include them in their teams.  If you meet a person who is interested in joining a master’s program and don’t know any programs in their area, feel free to contact a board member.