US Masters Open Water Marathon Championship

The US Masters Open Water  Marathon National Championship was held on April 22 in Sarasota, Florida.  There were 4 Conn Masters who swam in the 7 mile swim around Lido Kay and all finished and did well. Julie Madison took 2nd in the 25-29 age group with a time of 2:55. Herve Hamon took 14th in 50-54 group in 3:48. Cher Morton took 6th in 60-64 group in 3:58 and Paul Epstein  took 3rd in 70-74 group in 4:22.  Photo – Paul Epstein’s granddaughter Tulsea hands him water as he crosses the finish line.


New England SCY Championships at Harvard – CONN Takes 10th Place

CONN had its best performance ever at the New England Short Course Yards Championships held at Harvard this March with a 10th Place overall finish and a record high 1699 Points.  Led by Mike Laux (170 Points). Arthur Gunzl (108), Ally Sega (98), Ben Wyckoff (94), Rob Duguay (84) and Christine Matarese (64), the team of 35 swimmers did us all proud and demonstrated that we are growing power in New England.

Laux had 10 Individual Championships, while Gunzl had 3 Individual and 1 Relay Championship.

 Here is the list of Champions:
Event 2  Men 18-24 1650 Yard Freestyle

1 Gerard, William           24 Connecticut-CT      19:08.36 

Event 6  Men 75-79 500 Yard Freestyle

 1 Laux, Michael             75 Connecticut-CT      7:30.72 

Event 8  Men 55-59 50 Yard Backstroke

1 Gunzl, Arthur             55 Connecticut-CT          28.99 

Event 10  Men 75-79 200 Yard IM

  1 Laux, Michael             75 Connecticut-CT       3:10.50  

Event 12  Men 75-79 100 Yard Freestyle

  1 Laux, Michael             75 Connecticut-CT       1:10.79 

Event 12  Men 80-84 100 Yard Freestyle

  1 Alkoff, Howard            84 Connecticut-CT       1:39.97 

Event 16  Men 75-79 100 Yard Breaststroke

  1 Laux, Michael             75 Connecticut-CT       1:27.99  

Event 26  Men 75-79 50 Yard Breaststroke

  1 Laux, Michael             75 Connecticut-CT        39.19  

Event 32  Men 75-79 100 Yard IM

  1 Laux, Michael             75 Connecticut-CT       1:22.79

Event 34  Men 55-59 200 Yard Backstroke

  1 Gunzl, Arthur             55 Connecticut-CT       2:16.88

Event 34  Men 75-79 200 Yard Backstroke

  1 Laux, Michael             75 Connecticut-CT       3:39.59

Event 36  Men 75-79 50 Yard Freestyle

  1 Laux, Michael             75 Connecticut-CT        31.93 

Event 44  Men 75-79 200 Yard Freestyle

  1 Laux, Michael             75 Connecticut-CT      2:38.02  

Event 46  Men 75-79 50 Yard Butterfly

  1 Laux, Michael             75 Connecticut-CT       36.26

Event 54  Men 55-59 100 Yard Backstroke

  1 Gunzl, Arthur             55 Connecticut-CT       1:02.32 


Event 57  Mixed 25+ 200 Yard Medley Relay

  1 Connecticut Masters-CT  'B'                       2:11.99  
     1) Gunzl, Arthur M55         2) Zelek, Michelle W33    
     3) Sega, Ally W44            4) Wyckoff, Benjamin M52


All Results

USMS Levels 1 and 2 Coach Certification Course

USMS will have a Level 1 and 2 Coach Certification Course in Bridgewater, NJ  on Saturday, March 26, 2017 from 8:30-4:30.  This course is intended for any USMS member who currently coaches or runs a masters program or is interested in starting.  This course is also excellent for members who are not currently part of a program and would like more knowledge in how to coach for themselves.  The program does require USMS membership and includes course materials and lunch.  The instructors for this course are Dominic Latella, Owner and Head instructor of Swim Box and Bill Brenner, USMS Education Director.

New England SCM Individual Champs

Mike Laux led CONN Masters with six individual and two relay championships at the December 9-11 New England Short Course Meters Champions in Worcester, Massachusetts.


Here is the list of individual and relay champs:

Individual Champions

Howard Alkoff  Men 80-84

400 Free,  50 Free, 200 Free, 200 Free

Heather Bernstein  Woman’s 30-34

200 Free

Rob Duguay Men’s 30-34

200 Breast

Paul Epstein  Men’s 70-74

100 Fly

William Geoghegan Men’s 65-69

200 Fly

Anna Gryglewska Women’s 25-29

200 Back

Doug Gugino Men’s 55-59

50 Free, 100 Free

Mike Laux  Men’s 75-79

400 Free, 100 Breast, 100 IM, 200 Breast, 200 Free, 50 Breast

Ann Louise Onton Women’s 70-75

50 Fly, 200 Back

Janit Romayko Women’s 70-75

100 Breast, 200 Breast

Jeff Stuart Men’s 55-59

800 Free

Ben Wyckoff Men’s 50-54

100 Breast

Michelle Zelek Women’s 30-34

50 Breast

Relay Champions

Anna Grylewska, Rob Duguay, Heather Bernstein, William Gerard

Mixed 400 Medley Relay Mixed 100-119

Peter Canning, Ben Wyckoff,  William Geoghegan, Mike Laux

Men’s 200 Free Relay 240-279

William Geoghegan, Robert Lamontagne, Mike Laux, Peter Canning

Men’s 200 Medley Relay 240-279

NESCM Champs-CONN Wins 2nd Place – Medium Clubs/5th- Overall


CONN Masters, led by top scorers Ann Louise Onton, Ben Wyckoff and Paul Epstein, took 2nd Place in the medium team category and fifth place overall(out of 61 clubs) in the New England Short Course Masters Championships held December 9-11, 2016 in Worcester, Mass.  Last year CONN was fourth in the medium team category and seventh overall.  Here are the 2016  top 7 teams:

Abbr Name Swimmers Entries Points Place
Ind Relay Total Ind Relay Total %
CRM Charles River Masters 50 283 27 310 3074 728 3802 11.77 1
MAMA Minuteman Masters Swim Club 37 211 22 233 2171 604 2775 8.59 2
GBM Great Bay Masters Swimming, In 33 173 23 196 1863 614 2477 7.67 3
SWMR SwimRI 30 163 17 180 1893 412 2305 7.13 4
CONN Connecticut Masters 29 157 15 172 1858.5 418 2276.5 7.05 5
WAM Worcester Area Masters 27 175 20 195 1708 498 2206 6.83 6
GSP Granite State Penguins (NH) 21 138 12 150 1598 364 1962 6.07 7

Here are the point totals for CONN swimmers:

Sex Age
Swimmer Individual
Men 80-84 Alkoff, Howard 4 68
Women 30-34 Bernstein, Heather 6 84
Women 30-34 Bey, Madeline 7 76
Women 35-39 Burns Gallagher, Kelly 4 44
Men 55-59 Canning, Peter 10 78
Men 30-34 Duguay, Robert 7 99
Women 50-54 Edison, Cheryl 5 42
Men 70-74 Epstein, Paul 10 131
Men 65-69 Geoghegan, William 4 61
Men 18-24 Gerard, William 7 80
Women 25-29 Gryglewska, Anna 4 62
Men 55-59 Gugino, Douglas 3 44
Women 30-34 Guglielmo, Nicole 5 53
Men 40-44 Higgens, Erik 3 31
Women 60-64 Holbrook, Nikki 8 54
Men 55-59 Lamontagne, Robert 3 42
Men 75-79 Laux, Michael 6 102
Women 40-44 Madonia, Jennifer 4 35
Women 40-44 Matarese, Christine 7 96
Women 60-64 McGavin, Jean 2 26
Women 70-74 Onton, Ann Louise 11 151
Women 70-74 Romayko, Janit 3 34
Men 50-54 Sargent, Jeff 3 0
Women 40-44 Sega, Ally 11 120
Men 55-59 Shapiro, Charles 3 31
Men 55-59 Stuart, Jeffrey 1 17
Men 30-34 Walton, Austin 4 26
Men 50-54 Wyckoff, Benjamin 10 139
Women 30-34 Zelek, Michelle 2 32
Total 29 157 1858.0

CONN Men also reclaimed bragging rights defeating the women 949-909.

Here are the full results .


dscn0467 dscn0465 dscn0464 dscn0476 dscn0473 dscn0472 dscn0471 dscn0470 dscn0469 dscn0497 dscn0494 dscn0492 dscn0486 dscn0484 dscn0478 dscn0477

img_0035 img_0034 img_0023 img_0022 img_0014 img_0009

CONN Masters Ready for New England SCM Championships-December 9-11, Worcester, MA

The registration deadline has passed. The teams have been finalized. 29 swimmers from CONN will be traveling to the 2016 NE-LMSC & Colonies Zone SCM Championships in Worcester, MA, on December 9-11.

Last year with 21 swimmers CONN finished in 4th place for Medium teams (10-31 Swimmers) and 7th overall. Key to improving on last year’s performance will be putting together as many relays as we can. Last year we finished 34 points — one relay team win away from 3rd place. There are four scored relays (200 Medley, 200 Free, 400 Medley, 400 Free). We can enter as many teams as we can field, but no swimmer can swim in multiple categories within in each relay. In other words, you can’t swim on a Men’s 200 Free Relay and a Mixed 200 Free Relay. Ally Sega and Rob Dugay will be in charge of putting the relays together. If you don’t volunteer, you will be recruited!

Here’s the list of CONN Swimmers:

CONN 2016 SCM Champs Team

There are also 800 Free and 400 IM Relays offered, but they are not scored. In the 400 IM Relay, each swimmer swims a 100 IM.

Check out this letter from the meet director.

We have a very exciting meet planned for you and your teammates, so get them to register, as well!
As a reminder, there will be:
Free parking
Warmer pool
Special snapchat filters
Free give-a-ways on our Facebook page, and throughout the meet
Complimentary meet pictures
Free commemorative lapel pin for all meet entrants
Customized meet t-shirts for purchase. You will get to choose your color and style, and get to print your teammates’ names on the back.
Concessions stand on deck
Massage therapists
Suit vendor Metro Swim Shop
And a fun, incentivised 4x100m IM relay at the end of the meet.
I look forward to seeing the continuation of some fierce, but friendly, rivalries!

Alford Green
Meet Director

Here are last year’s team results:

2015 Results
Large Team
Cambridge Masters Swim Club 3,441.50
Great Bay Masters 2,672
Minuteman Andover Masters Asso 2,555

Medium Team
Worcester Area Masters 2,106
Granite State Penguins (Nh) 2,062
SwimRI 1,419
Connecticut Masters 1,383
Maine Masters Swim Club 1,207

Let’s put some relays together this year and move up in the standings!

2015 SCM NE Championsihips CONN Masters News

Area Meet Results

Here are results from some recent meets in nearbye states attended by CONN swimmers.

HAWKtoberfest Masters Swim Meet
Oct 23, 2016
1 teams represented.
34 swimmers entered.
88 individual event splashes, 0 DQs, 6 scratches or no-shows.
8 relay event splashes, 0 DQs, 0 scratches or no-shows.


8th Annual UVAC Leaf Peepers Masters SCM Meet
Oct 22, 2016
24 teams represented.
84 swimmers entered.
333 individual event splashes, 0 DQs, 11 scratches or no-shows.


October Swim Fest
Oct 15, 2016
4 teams represented.
65 swimmers entered.
189 individual event splashes, 1 DQs, 0 scratches or no-shows.
9 relay event splashes, 0 DQs, 0 scratches or no-shows.


What Club should I sign up for and Other Questions?

With meet season coming and registration around the corner, it’s time to review the rules for which club to sign up for.  USMS does not place many rules on what club to sign up for, even allowing people to sign up for clubs in states that are different from their address.  One story that always makes my heart melt is the man from Detroit that belongs to his father’s team in Massachusetts as a memorial.  This is all acceptable within the rules of USMS.

This year I would like to clarify that if you sign up for Club CONN, you are not required to belong to a workout group.  If you do not belong to any of the workout groups listed under Club CONN, you may still belong to Club CONN, instead of UC05.  There are several groups in Connecticut, for example Waterbury YMCA, that do not have a workout group and those members are welcome to belong to Club CONN so that they may do relays with other members of Club CONN.  Remember that if you belong to UC05, you may not do relays, even with other UC05 members.

If you do see your group listed as a club, you are welcome to join that club or CONN according to USMS rules.  Please check with your group to determine their policy.  You may not belong to both at the same time.

There is no difference between a club and a workout group for the purposes of USMS as far as price, requirements, or advantages.  The exception is that workout group members benefit from being able to do relays with members in the larger club, and not just members of their own group, so I would encourage group leaders to consider that when deciding to register a club or a workout group.

Questions welcome at Ally Sega at

Pan Am Games – July 28-August 3, 2018-Orlando, FLorida

The 2018 Pan American Games Swimming Championships will be held in Orlando, Florida, USA, July 28-August 3, at the Orlando YMCA Aquatic Center. They were last held in 2015 in Medellin, Columbia. With the 2017 FINA World Championships scheduled for Budapest, Hungry and the 2019 FINA Championships for Gwangu, Korea, the 2018 Pan AM games will be CONN swimmers closest bet for international competition. The races will be long course meters. Mark your calendars now, and hit the pool!

Boston and Newport Sharkfest (Results)

Boston and Newport Sharkfests were held this weekend. Results are posted here:

Boston Sharkfest

Newport Sharkfest

There were 77 racers at Newport, including CONN’s Ann Faust who won her age group.

There were 213 swimmers in Boston.