Michael Shove is hosting an all ages swim meet and pool party to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease that is chronic and affects metabolic functions.  It can cause the production of a think mucus in the lungs, obstructing airways making breathing difficult and it can cause the pancreas not to produce enzymes that digest food.  The event will be held at the Greenknoll Regional YMCA in Brookfield, CT on Saturday, August 24th.  Warm ups start at 9, the meet at 10, the party and silent auction at 12, and a reception with awards and a cash bar at 3.  Donations would be appreciated even if you are unable to attend.  Please go to Meet Results for more information.


Pictures Wanted

Please send any CONN Master’s pictures to me at ally98003@aol.com.  I am looking for both pictures of swimming events, such as Y Nationals and Harvard meets, and swimmers doing things outside the pool, such as our famed guitarist playing a gig or any post practice parties (please keep in mind our website doesn’t have any age limits so please keep the pictures family appropriate).

Jeff Sargent wants Team CONN Masters at Worlds or Nationals Next Summer

Jeff has announced that his goal for the 2014 season is to bring a team to a national or international level meet.  Masters Worlds are from August 3- August 9th in Montreal.  USMS LC Nationals are August 13-17 at the University of Maryland.  Both sites are about 8 hours from CT which is really very close.  While swimming at this level may seem intimidating, USMS prides itself on being inclusionary.  ALL Swimmers are welcome and the more swimmers, the more individual and relay swims and the more opportunities for points.  Please start looking at your calendars and let Jeff know if you are interested in either of these meets.

Swimmers wanted as study participants

Nate Fritts is a Research Assistant at Boston University’s Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy (CSTE).  They are studying the long term effects of sports related concussions and other brain trauma, particularly chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE .  Right about now you are probably wondering why they are looking for swimmers.  Read on:  since swimmer are not normally exposed to concussion they would like to do a comparison study.  The experiment consists of a 10 minute eligibility screening (by phone) and if passed, a two day, all expenses paid assessment at Boston Medical Center.  Please consider joining the study if you:

1) are a male ages 40-69

2) have at least 2 years of collegiate level or higher swimming experience

3) have no history of participation in contact sports such as football, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, etc.

4) have no history of brain injury

If you qualify, please contact Nate at via email (nfritts@bu.edu) or by phone (617-414-8391).

Wilton Summer Sizzler Results

Wilton held their annual Summer Sizzler meet on 7/21/13.  There were many excellent relays, including new world record holders in the Mixed 100-119 800 Free Relay!  Congrats to Katie Grant, Caitlin Cole, Greg Sargent, and Spencer Scarth for putting together that relay.  Please check out the preliminary results at 2013_Sizzler_results (1).  Jeff Sargent would like to thank the Meet Ref- Roger Stewart, Starter- Tom GiGugliemo, Daktronics Operator- Jill Shoshan, Computer Operator- Suzanne Cheruk, back up timers- Elizabeth Sargent and Eden Shoshan, and also Penny Scarth.  We would like to thank Jeff for all that he did to put the meet together.

Swimmers needed for SWIM Across the Sound

Liz is looking to 2 swimmers for a relay team for SWIM Across the Sound, August 3rd, (less than 2 weeks away).  They are planning on wearing wetsuits.  If you are interested, please contact me at ally98003@aol.com.  Please put a note in the header that this is for Liz’s Swim.

Support a CT Youth Team

Cheshire Community Pool has had structural issues since it was built and again collapsed this winter.  The town is still deciding whether to rebuild the cover so that the pool can be used in the winter.  Cheshire CDogs, their USA Swim team, is competing for $5000 in a video contest.  Please consider supporting another Connecticut swim program, going to the website at Go After Your Goals and voting for Cheshire.

Remember to check the entry deadlines carefully.

Just a reminder to check the entry deadlines for the meets you are interested in participating in.  Meets hosts are allowed to decided how and when to accept registrations.  Most try to vary carefully analyze what will be the easiest while still getting the largest participation.  Meets in the past had early deadlines because they were done through the mail and meet hosts were afraid that mail would arrive late.  Then hosts started allowing for same day entries so they could encourage more  participation.  With computer programs doing online registration, entry dates have been extended but many don’t allow onsite registration anymore.  Some meet hosts, like the Swim Festival, have started to charge different fees depending on when you register to encourage early sign ups.  Be safe, read the entry options and deadlines closely.  Please note that paper entries for the Wilton Sizzler must be received (not just postmarked) by Tuesday, July 9th but online registration goes until next Tuesday, July 16th.  With July just starting, some are being caught off guard at the fast approaching deadlines.

USMS Convention is coming in September

The USAS (United States Aquatic Sports) Convention that includes USMS will be held this September 11-15, 2013 in Garden Grove, CA.  While the convention does include some work, including attending committee, zone, and delegate meetings and voting for elections and new rules, there are plenty of opportunities for fun.  Every night includes a social event culminating in a banquet to honor the top athletes, coaches and volunteers for each group within USAS.  It is also a great opportunity to see how the rules get made, voice your opinions and learn new information on all aspects of USMS.  It is an excellent opportunity to meet people from all over whether its an average swimmer from South Dakota, the newsletter writer from Adirondack, a master’s coach from Texas, or even maybe a famous Olympian.  (Yes, the delegates from Connecticut and New England drank beers and chatted with one last year.)  If you are interested in being a delegate to represent CONN Masters, please email Michael Laux as soon as possible.

Zone Championship Results

CONN Masters got 19th overall and 11th for men’s teams.  What makes this feat so impressive is that it was done all by one swimmer.  Peter Berghaus was the only swimmer entered for CONN and scored 54 points, and as such placed quite impressively within other teams from the Colonies Zone.  He swam 8 events, placing second in his age group and scoring 7 points each in the 50 and 200 back, 50 and 200 breast, 200 and 400 IM.  He placed third, scoring 6 points in the 100 back and 100 breast.  Thank you, Peter, for representing CONN Masters so well at Zones.