USA Masters Top Ten SCM

CONN Masters had 18 Top Ten individual finishes for the 2015 Short Course Meters Season and 4 relay teams also won Top Ten honors, according to the official rankings now available on the US Masters website.  Galen Rinaldi led the way with 4 Top Ten individual finishes and 3 Top Ten relays.  Janit Romayko had three individual Top Tens and 1 Top Ten relay.  Amanda Brown had two individual Top Tens and 2 Top Ten relays.  John Craig had the highest men’s finish, ranking second in the nation in the Men’s 60-64 200 Meter Butterfly. Rinaldi had the highest women’s finish, ranking second in the Women’s 45-49 400 Free.

CONN Top Ten Individual SCM 2015

CONN Top Ten Relays SCM 2015

2015 USMS Top 10 SCM for CONN Masters

Women 25-29
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === ==== ===
7 100 Breast Amanda L Brown 26 CONN Connecticut 1:20.11
4 200 Breast Amanda L Brown 26 CONN Connecticut 2:55.01

photo (66)

(Cyndia Sanchez)

Women 35-39
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === ==== ==
10 100 Breast Cyndia Sanchez 37 CONN Connecticut 1:27.55
7 200 Breast Cyndia Sanchez 37 CONN Connecticut 3:07.85

photo (61)

(Ally Sega)

Women 40-44
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === =
9 200 Fly Ally Sega 42 CONN Connecticut 3:51.00

Women 45-49
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === ====
8 100 Free Galen D Rinaldi 47 CONN Connecticut 1:06.31
6 200 Free Galen D Rinaldi 47 CONN Connecticut 2:21.86
2 400 Free Galen D Rinaldi 47 CONN Connecticut 4:54.08
3 1500 Free Galen D Rinaldi 47 CONN Connecticut 19:51.46

Women 70-74
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === ====
7 50 Breast Janit P Romayko 70 CONN Connecticut 53.31
6 100 Breast Janit P Romayko 70 CONN Connecticut 1:56.69
7 200 Breast Janit P Romayko 70 CONN Connecticut 4:14.01
8 100 Fly Ann Louise Onton 72 CONN Connecticut 2:46.17
7 200 Fly Ann Louise Onton 72 CONN Connecticut 6:14.98

Men 25-29
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === ==== ====
8 400 Free William A Ballentine 29 CONN Connecticut 4:43.43

photo (65)

(Rob Dugay)

Men 30-34
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === ==== ===
7 800 Free Robert E Duguay 30 CONN Connecticut 10:27.12

Men 55-59
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === ==== =
3 200 Fly Jeffrey S Stuart 55 CONN Connecticut 2:35.25

Men 60-64
Place Event Name Age Club LMSC Time
===== ========== ================= === ==== =
2 200 Fly John M Craig 61 CONN Connecticut 2:32.05

2015 USMS Top 10 SCM Relays for CONN Masters

Paul,Doug,Art,Rick Men's 800 Relay

(Epstein, Gugino, Gunzl, Spear)

Men 240-279 SCM (2015)
Place Event Club LMSC Time Swimmers
===== ========== =============== ========================
9 800 Free CONN Connecticut 11:20.87 Douglas A Gugino (55), Paul M Epstein (69), Rick Spear (64), Arthur Gunzl (53)

Women 120-159 SCM (2015)
Place Event Club LMSC Time Swimmers
===== ========== =============== =========================
6 800 Free CONN Connecticut 11:20.98 Ann F Faust (56), Amanda L Brown (26), Galen D Rinaldi (47), Madeline Bey (29)

photo (60)

(Onton, Romayko, Faust, Rinaldi)

Women 240-279 SCM (2015)
Place Event Club LMSC Time Swimmers
===== ========== =============== == ========================
6 400 Medley CONN Connecticut 7:23.19 Galen D Rinaldi (47), Ann F Faust (56), Ann Louise Onton (72), Janit P Romayko (70)

Mixed 120-159 SCM (2015)
Place Event Club LMSC Time Swimmers
===== ========== =============== ===========================
10 400 Free CONN Connecticut 4:26.77 Galen D Rinaldi (47), Robert E Duguay (30), Amanda L Brown (26), Arthur Gunzl (53)

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US Masters Calendar of Events

New Picture (42)

While we will try to keep up notice of upcoming meets on our Connecticut Masters site, the go-to-place for meet information is located on the US Masters site at this link:

Calendar of Events

You can enter any zip code or city, and it will list all upcoming meets within 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 or 1000 miles, as well as open water events. Check it out today.  There are already a number of events listed for Connecticut this summer, including:

Pool Events:

Connecticut Masters’ Games Swim Meet – May 15, 2016

Nutmeg Games – August 6, 2016

Open Water Events:

Lake Terramuggus 3,2,1 and 1/2 mile swims – June 19, 2016

Mystic Sharkfest Swim – July 9, 2016

Greenwich Point One Mile Swim – July 16. 2016

Pig Iron 3, 2, 1, 1/2 Mile Swims in Vernon, CT – July 24, 2016

Island Beach Two Mile Swim – August 6, 2016

New races are added all the time.

Thinking about a vacation to Florida or a visit to in-laws in Ohio?  Go to the Calendar of Events page and see if there is a upcoming meet or open water swim in the area around the time you are planning to go and schedule your trip accordingly. The site lists all meets in the US and some around the world.

There is also a link to upcoming national and international championships.

National and International Championships

Here are the championship events for 2017:

2017 Nationwide U.S. Masters Swimming Spring National Championship
Riverside, California
April 27-30, 2017
Short Course Yards

2017 U.S. Masters Swimming Summer National Championship
University of Minnesota Aquatic Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
August 2-6, 2017
Long Course Meters

XVII FINA World Masters Championship
Budapest, Hungary
July-August, 2017 (Masters dates are TBD)
Long Course Meters

Mark your calendars, then get back in the pool, and start training!

Alkoff, Matarese Lead CONN Masters at NE Champs

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Howard Alkoff and Christine Matarese captured multiple 1st place finishes in the New England Short Course Yards Championships at Harvard, leading team CONN to an 11th place finish among 73 teams competing in the championships.  CONN improved upon its 15th place finish in 2015.

Alkoff won the 500, 200 and 50 Freestyle in the Men’s 80-84 division, while Matarese won the Women’s 40-44 division 200, 100 and 50 Breaststroke titles.  Other CONN members with top 3 finishes include Robyn Demarco, Kate Powers, Ally Sega, Ben Wycoff, Douglas Gugino, Steve Akers, and Alexei Bachuretz.

Wyckoff, Bachuretz, and Akers teamed with Rob Duguay to win the Men’s 25+ 800 Freestyle Relay in a blazing 8:22.85 that will likely earn a national top ten.  Connecticut Masters also captured a first place in the Mixed  18+ 800 Freestyle relay thanks to awesome swims by Gugino, Sega, Kimberly Martin and Tomas Buitrago.  Nicole Guglielmo, Julia Golden, and Kathrine Damato teamed with Matarese in the Women’s 18+ 200 Free Relay for a 3rd place finish.

Connecticut scored 1064 points, with the women’s team outpointing the men 565-461.   In 2015, CONN finished with 871 points.

Ally Sega was the top women’s point-getter for Connecticut with 112 points followed by Demarco with 89, and Matarese with 87.

Ben Wycoff was the top men’s point getter with 96 points, followed by Duguay with 68 and Gugino with 63.

Other CONN swimmers making us proud were Laura Campbell, Peter Canning, Carolyn Daniels, Elaine Guardino, Morgan Guardino, and Peter Sheldrick.

If you have never been to the Harvard championships, think about representing us next year.  It is a fantastically well-run meet in a very fast and spectacular pool.  This year’s meet featured 742 swimmers from 73 teams.  The meet is held over four days in March with the distance day held on a Saturday, and the main meet held the following Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Come for one day or come for all.  See you next year!

Check out all results here:


20160319_174747 (2)

Wilton YMCA Masters Prep Meet

The Wilton YMCA Wahoo Masters National Prep Meet was held on March 20,2016 with 46 swimmers from 15 teams competing on the 25 yard course.  16 members of CONN competed.

Results are available here:


We are looking forward to a strong turnout for the annual Wilton Summer Sizzler Meet featuring  their 50 meter course — always a highlight of the summer.  Date to be announced.

CT Masters at NESCY Harvard Championships

A contingent from CONN Masters is up at Harvard this weekend representing Connecticut swimming.  In the first race of the day, Ally Sega and Robyn DeMarco had a photo finish in the 400 IM.  Robyn out touched Ally by 0.49 seconds.  If this is an indication of what is to come, it should be a great weekend!  Check out results at this link:

NESCY Results

photo (87)

Swim caps for Connecticut Masters

A reminder that swim caps are available for all Connecticut LMSC members.  There was some confusion that they were only for members who had signed up for the Connecticut Masters Club.  This is untrue, ALL Connecticut LMSC members are invited to wear a Connecticut Masters cap.  If you have not received one yet and would like one, please contact Galen Rinaldi or Ally Sega.  We will have them available at Harvard for those who will be there.

Annual Meeting Minutes 2/7/16

Make up meeting for cancelled 6/28/15 meeting.

Meeting was called to order around 1:30 and was adjourned around 2:00.

The primary topic for discussion was the treasure’s report and subsequent budget.  Connecticut Masters is again generating more revenue than expenses.  It was noted that some board members have not submitted for 2015 expenses which explains part of the lack of expenses.  Said board members have said they will try to get there expenses in ASAP.  It was noted that last year, the board had agreed to run a survey for members to vote on a new logo and then create a cap for members as a free member benefit to all LMSC members.  The survey was successfully completed, caps were created and ordered (both latex and silicone) and have been handed out to any LMSC member at swim meets.  Almost half the of the latex caps have been distributed and all of the silicone caps have.  Due to the success, more caps will be ordered at a later point in time.  The board will also look into creating team t-shirts which will also be free to all LMSC members.

Jeff Sargent suggested to again have the LMSC pay all sanctioning fees for pool meets and would like to fund 2 sanctioned open water swim events.  He suggested we try to fund one in Fairfield/Litchfield counties and another in the central/eastern part of the state.  The board agreed with this decision.  Jeff will work with events in the Fairfield/Litchfield area to pick an event.  Galen Rinaldi will do the same in the rest of the state.

Jeff has been researching other ways services to offer members as a benefit.  He had suggested having learn to swim clinics with Pam Moss and Ally Sega as instructors.  He again suggested having one in the Fairfield/Litchfield counties and another in the central/eastern part of the state with the LMSC picking up costs to run these programs.  Again the board agreed.  It was also mentioned to have a competitive swim clinic somewhere in the state.  Ally was willing to be the coach for a clinic if a place could be found to have one.

Lastly, regarding the budget, Jeff suggested that the members would benefit if the LMSC bought a laptop and a license Meet Manager.  He believes that more places/groups would be willing to run meets if they had access to Meet Manager and that it might be easier for some already existing meets to have access to the LMSC’s license.   His research shows that Meet Manager can be owned by a club or an association, so the LMSC would qualify as an association.  It was noted that having an LMSC license to Meet Manager would be a great way to quickly update and store LMSC records.  It was suggested that the LMSC also buy a portable printer so that all meet hosts would be able to quickly set up and run meets.  The board unanimously agreed to purchase all three items.  Well many qualified members in the IT field were mentioned, it was agreed that Pam would research a good laptop and printer to purchase.  It was believed that her advantage was in hearing the discussion for what equipment would be most useful.

Lastly, Jeff brought up elections, which will be held at the next meeting.  He said he will not be willing to serve after this term as chair but would like to remain involved in recruiting groups to host masters events.  He also clarified that the only elected positions on the board are Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar.  All other board positions are appointed positions and do not need elections.  (This is written into the CTLMSC bylaws.)

The floor was then open to at large questions.  The first question was the delay in meets being announced.  It was clarified that this was not a usms or ctlmsc website issue but an issue that the meets themselves are not finalized and announced until shortly before the event.  This was answered in that often the pools dates can not be confirmed until late.  Ally requested that all information for the website be sent to her as early as possible so it can be added to the website quickly.  All agreed to help in with this.  Peter Canning has also agreed to learn the website so that he can be a contributor.  This will hopefully also increase the amount and quickness of information being added to the site.

No other questions were asked and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ally Sega, CTLMSC Secretary


Registering for a club and participating in relays

Several years ago, FINA, the international governing body for masters swimming created a rule that no swimmer would be allowed to participate in an international event without belonging to a “team”, or as USMS calls a club.  USMS had allowed for swimmers to be considered unattached and these swimmers not be allowed to participate in international events and could potentially negate the results for other attached swimmers.  USMS considered many possible solutions to this problem and decided upon creating clubs called unattached, one for each LMSC.  These teams or clubs would fulfill all the purposes of a team for FINA’s rules but would still not be considered actual clubs by USMS rules.  While you may swim in international events as an unattached swimmer, you may not participate in relays at any level.

It has been found that when registering, there is still confusion.  Some reasons include the confusion between belonging to LMSC Connecticut and Club Connecticut Masters.  Being part of  the LMSC Connecticut does not automatically place you on Club Connecticut.  Relays are organized at the club level, not the LMSC.

Others might be confused as they do not practice with an established workout group within CONN Masters.  USMS does not require you to practice, pay membership fees, or officially join a team or workout group in order to be listed as part of that group for your membership purposes.  For example, a swimmer who lives in Michigan and practices in Detroit might be a member of the LMSC Connecticut.  A person who practices in West Hartford might be a member of Meriden Masters work out group.  And a person who practices by themselves in Brookfield may still be a member of Club Connecticut Masters.  Under USMS rules, this is all acceptable.

If you are currently listed as UC05, please reconsider joining a club.  If you do not belong to a club listed, please join Connecticut Masters.  It is an advantage to you and other members to belong to a club as it increases the ability to participate in relays.  Please contact Sian Nimkoff, the registrar for Conn (LMSC) Masters at to update your club affiliation.

USMS Coaching and Adult Learn to Swim Classes offered in the Northeast

USMS is offering a Coaching Levels I and II class in New York City on March 20, 2016.  Many masters from Connecticut have already taken this class which teaches both on deck coaching skills and also program management skills.  This program is beneficial for those already coaching and those interested in becoming a coach or starting a program and for any masters swimmer who swim independently and are self coaching.  You may register at New York City Levels I and II.

USMS is also offering an Adult Learn to Swim (ALTS) Instructor class in Boston on April 23, 2016. The class will be instructed by Bill Meier, who is very passionate about the ALTS program and April being Adult Learn to Swim month.  This program is great for any swimmer who is interested in teaching adults to swim and has no swim instructor experience or has work with children and would like to learn how to adapt those skills to better help adults.  You may register at:  Boston ALTS Instructor Class

NEM SCM Championships a success

CONN Master’s recently went to Worcester for the New England Master’s Short Course Meters Championships and had some wonderful swims and had an even more wonderful time with friends, new and old.  Twenty-one swimmers competed over the course of 3 days, each contributing to an overall 7th place team finish (out of 63 teams).  Please see this article: NEMSCMPOST  by Peter Canning for details and photos.