32nd Annual Groundhog Meet -Results

The 32nd Annual Groundhog Masters Swim Meet held on Sunday, February 5, at the Westport/Weston YMCA was a great success with 114 entered swimmers, 340 individual splashes and 12 relay splashes.



USMS Levels 1 and 2 Coach Certification Course

USMS will have a Level 1 and 2 Coach Certification Course in Bridgewater, NJ  on Saturday, March 26, 2017 from 8:30-4:30.  This course is intended for any USMS member who currently coaches or runs a masters program or is interested in starting.  This course is also excellent for members who are not currently part of a program and would like more knowledge in how to coach for themselves.  The program does require USMS membership and includes course materials and lunch.  The instructors for this course are Dominic Latella, Owner and Head instructor of Swim Box and Bill Brenner, USMS Education Director.

Annual Meeting Minutes 11/13/16

Meeting was called to order with 5 people in attendance:  Jeff Sargent- chair, Ally Sega- secretary, Pam Moss, Ben Wyckoff, and Rob Duguay

National office received a complaint that the LMSC didn’t recognize a new member had joined.  Pam suggested that a welcome letter be sent to new members.  

There is still too much money in the LMSC account.  It has been suggested to run ALTS programs, coaching clinics, and reimburse officials who work master’s meets.  

This year, CONN Masters LMSC paid for one open water swim.  Jeff suggested that next year’s goal be to pay for 3 swims.  Ally suggested that the goal be 4, 2 in the southwestern part of the state and 2 in the central part of the state.  

Jeff suggested that a list of approved officials be added to the website.  Officials can be certified by USA, high school, NCAA, or YMCA, or USMS.  For the times to count towards USA Swimming, the referee must be USA certified.  

The topic of an LMSC laptop and meet manager/team manager program came up.  It had been decided that the original reason for needing these had passed.  It was discussed that they would still be valuable tools in coordinating swimmer times from across the LMSC.  

Jeff suggested that towels be bought for members who achieve All American status.  Ally also suggested that the LMSC pay for top ten patches, maybe for first time recipients.  

40% of Conn Masters compete.  Can outreach be done to improve this number?  Ally to look into organizing coaches from all areas of the LMSC as a way of providing more information from the LMSC to coaches who can in turn provide that information to swimmers.  In areas that are uncoached, a swimmer representative could be used.  

Ben had some ideas for creating smart phone apps.  The idea would be to make times and time conversions more accessible.  There are challenges working with USMS’s database.  

It was suggested that USMS have a social event.  This social might occur after a swim meet, like the former post Summer Sizzler picnic.  The Groundhog meet would not be a good time as it is usually on Superbowl Sunday.  It could also involve a board meeting, dinner and then a social.  

Ally suggested getting a co-branded USMS/CONN Master’s banner.  

Per Bill Geoghegan, the number of sanctioned events were up this year.  There were 14 in 2014, 11 in 2015, and 16 in 2016.  


Happy New Year CONN Masters!


Happy New Year to all CONN Masters swimmers!  2016 was a great year with many masters swimmers winning championships, earning national Top Tens, hitting personal bests,  swimming for noble causes, swimming a new event for the first time, and or simply showing up in the pool with a smile on their faces.  The CONN team also did well in events from the National YMCA Championships in Sarasota, Florida in May to the New England Short Course Meters Championships in Worcester, Mass in December.

As we look ahead to the new year, let us be thankful for our friends and coaches, and for the water that blesses us all.

Those looking for New Year challenges in 2017, here is a list to consider:

  1. Pick Three Events and Go for PRs
  2. See How Many Events in World Championships/or US Championships you can Qualify for.*
  3. Do the Checkoff Challenge where you get a time in every event (can be done at meet or in practice with timer) plus one open water event
  4. Swim in a Regional/or National Championship
  5. Enter One Hour Postal Championship
  6. Enter One mile Postal Championship
  7. Enter 400 Kick for Time Postal Event
  8. Swim 100X100
  9. Swim an Open Water Event
  10. Swim an Open Water Event Outside Connecticut
  11. Do a Swim (or More) for a Charitable Cause
  12. Swim on a Top Ten Relay**
  13. Swim a 200/or 400 IM
  14. Swim a new event and get a starting PR!
  15. Join CONN Masters in Sarasota, FL for the 2017 YMCA Championships in May
  16. Join CONN Masters at the 2017 NESCM Championships in Worcester, MA in December

*FINA 2017 World Masters Swimming Qualifying Times

**Requires planning.  Long Course Meter and Short Course Meter events offer best opportunity

Have a Safe and Healthy New Years All!



Cornerstone CONN swimmers celebrate a successful year of swimming and friendship and toast their coach Galen Rinaldi, who encourages and inspires them.  Thanks to all the coaches who write the workouts, offer the enthusiasm, push us to our best and make us want to show up even early in the morning or after a hard working day or in the cold of winter.  Thanks all!

New England SCM Individual Champs

Mike Laux led CONN Masters with six individual and two relay championships at the December 9-11 New England Short Course Meters Champions in Worcester, Massachusetts.


Here is the list of individual and relay champs:

Individual Champions

Howard Alkoff  Men 80-84

400 Free,  50 Free, 200 Free, 200 Free

Heather Bernstein  Woman’s 30-34

200 Free

Rob Duguay Men’s 30-34

200 Breast

Paul Epstein  Men’s 70-74

100 Fly

William Geoghegan Men’s 65-69

200 Fly

Anna Gryglewska Women’s 25-29

200 Back

Doug Gugino Men’s 55-59

50 Free, 100 Free

Mike Laux  Men’s 75-79

400 Free, 100 Breast, 100 IM, 200 Breast, 200 Free, 50 Breast

Ann Louise Onton Women’s 70-75

50 Fly, 200 Back

Janit Romayko Women’s 70-75

100 Breast, 200 Breast

Jeff Stuart Men’s 55-59

800 Free

Ben Wyckoff Men’s 50-54

100 Breast

Michelle Zelek Women’s 30-34

50 Breast

Relay Champions

Anna Grylewska, Rob Duguay, Heather Bernstein, William Gerard

Mixed 400 Medley Relay Mixed 100-119

Peter Canning, Ben Wyckoff,  William Geoghegan, Mike Laux

Men’s 200 Free Relay 240-279

William Geoghegan, Robert Lamontagne, Mike Laux, Peter Canning

Men’s 200 Medley Relay 240-279

NESCM Champs-CONN Wins 2nd Place – Medium Clubs/5th- Overall


CONN Masters, led by top scorers Ann Louise Onton, Ben Wyckoff and Paul Epstein, took 2nd Place in the medium team category and fifth place overall(out of 61 clubs) in the New England Short Course Masters Championships held December 9-11, 2016 in Worcester, Mass.  Last year CONN was fourth in the medium team category and seventh overall.  Here are the 2016  top 7 teams:

Abbr Name Swimmers Entries Points Place
Ind Relay Total Ind Relay Total %
CRM Charles River Masters 50 283 27 310 3074 728 3802 11.77 1
MAMA Minuteman Masters Swim Club 37 211 22 233 2171 604 2775 8.59 2
GBM Great Bay Masters Swimming, In 33 173 23 196 1863 614 2477 7.67 3
SWMR SwimRI 30 163 17 180 1893 412 2305 7.13 4
CONN Connecticut Masters 29 157 15 172 1858.5 418 2276.5 7.05 5
WAM Worcester Area Masters 27 175 20 195 1708 498 2206 6.83 6
GSP Granite State Penguins (NH) 21 138 12 150 1598 364 1962 6.07 7

Here are the point totals for CONN swimmers:

Sex Age
Swimmer Individual
Men 80-84 Alkoff, Howard 4 68
Women 30-34 Bernstein, Heather 6 84
Women 30-34 Bey, Madeline 7 76
Women 35-39 Burns Gallagher, Kelly 4 44
Men 55-59 Canning, Peter 10 78
Men 30-34 Duguay, Robert 7 99
Women 50-54 Edison, Cheryl 5 42
Men 70-74 Epstein, Paul 10 131
Men 65-69 Geoghegan, William 4 61
Men 18-24 Gerard, William 7 80
Women 25-29 Gryglewska, Anna 4 62
Men 55-59 Gugino, Douglas 3 44
Women 30-34 Guglielmo, Nicole 5 53
Men 40-44 Higgens, Erik 3 31
Women 60-64 Holbrook, Nikki 8 54
Men 55-59 Lamontagne, Robert 3 42
Men 75-79 Laux, Michael 6 102
Women 40-44 Madonia, Jennifer 4 35
Women 40-44 Matarese, Christine 7 96
Women 60-64 McGavin, Jean 2 26
Women 70-74 Onton, Ann Louise 11 151
Women 70-74 Romayko, Janit 3 34
Men 50-54 Sargent, Jeff 3 0
Women 40-44 Sega, Ally 11 120
Men 55-59 Shapiro, Charles 3 31
Men 55-59 Stuart, Jeffrey 1 17
Men 30-34 Walton, Austin 4 26
Men 50-54 Wyckoff, Benjamin 10 139
Women 30-34 Zelek, Michelle 2 32
Total 29 157 1858.0

CONN Men also reclaimed bragging rights defeating the women 949-909.

Here are the full results .


dscn0467 dscn0465 dscn0464 dscn0476 dscn0473 dscn0472 dscn0471 dscn0470 dscn0469 dscn0497 dscn0494 dscn0492 dscn0486 dscn0484 dscn0478 dscn0477

img_0035 img_0034 img_0023 img_0022 img_0014 img_0009

ALTS Class being offered in New Haven

USMS is offering an Adult Learn to Swim (ALTS) Instructor Certification Program in New Haven on Saturday, March 11, 2017.  This program is great for anyone in interested in teaching adults how to swim, especially aquatics coordinators, instructors and staff that offer or would like to offer adult learn to swim programs.  USMS membership is required along with the ability to perform American Red Cross’ Five Skills of Water Competency: step/jump into water over your head, return to the surface and float or tread water for one minute, turn in a full circle (to find an exit), swim 25 yards, and exit the pool.  The program costs $300 and includes 5 hours of classroom instruction, materials, lunch, and 2 hours of in pool instruction.

The class is being taught by Bill Meier, a long time USMS swimmer and coach, who helped create the ALTS Instructor Program.  Bill is as enthusiastic in his teaching (he may break out into song and dance) as he is knowledgeable.

For more details and to register:  ALTS clinics.

CONN Masters Ready for New England SCM Championships-December 9-11, Worcester, MA

The registration deadline has passed. The teams have been finalized. 29 swimmers from CONN will be traveling to the 2016 NE-LMSC & Colonies Zone SCM Championships in Worcester, MA, on December 9-11.

Last year with 21 swimmers CONN finished in 4th place for Medium teams (10-31 Swimmers) and 7th overall. Key to improving on last year’s performance will be putting together as many relays as we can. Last year we finished 34 points — one relay team win away from 3rd place. There are four scored relays (200 Medley, 200 Free, 400 Medley, 400 Free). We can enter as many teams as we can field, but no swimmer can swim in multiple categories within in each relay. In other words, you can’t swim on a Men’s 200 Free Relay and a Mixed 200 Free Relay. Ally Sega and Rob Dugay will be in charge of putting the relays together. If you don’t volunteer, you will be recruited!

Here’s the list of CONN Swimmers:

CONN 2016 SCM Champs Team

There are also 800 Free and 400 IM Relays offered, but they are not scored. In the 400 IM Relay, each swimmer swims a 100 IM.

Check out this letter from the meet director.

We have a very exciting meet planned for you and your teammates, so get them to register, as well!
As a reminder, there will be:
Free parking
Warmer pool
Special snapchat filters
Free give-a-ways on our Facebook page, and throughout the meet
Complimentary meet pictures
Free commemorative lapel pin for all meet entrants
Customized meet t-shirts for purchase. You will get to choose your color and style, and get to print your teammates’ names on the back.
Concessions stand on deck
Massage therapists
Suit vendor Metro Swim Shop
And a fun, incentivised 4x100m IM relay at the end of the meet.
I look forward to seeing the continuation of some fierce, but friendly, rivalries!

Alford Green
Meet Director

Here are last year’s team results:

2015 Results
Large Team
Cambridge Masters Swim Club 3,441.50
Great Bay Masters 2,672
Minuteman Andover Masters Asso 2,555

Medium Team
Worcester Area Masters 2,106
Granite State Penguins (Nh) 2,062
SwimRI 1,419
Connecticut Masters 1,383
Maine Masters Swim Club 1,207

Let’s put some relays together this year and move up in the standings!

2015 SCM NE Championsihips CONN Masters News

Trinity College Masters Meet-Nov 13-Results


Another great meet was held at Trinity College on November 13, sponsored by Hartford Masters.

6 teams represented.
29 swimmers entered.
80 individual event splashes, 2 DQs.
4 relay event splashes.

Results for all CONN Swimmers

CONN Masters Earn Top 10 LCM Honors

CONN Masters recorded 40 individual national Top 10s for the 2016 Long Course Meters season and 10 Relay Top Tens. The 50 combined Top Tens is the most for CONN masters since 2011 when CONN masters earned 54 (49 Individual, 5 relay).

Galen Rinaldi and Mike Laux led the way with 6 individual Top tens each, followed by Jeremy Virgil and Jeff Sargent with 5 each. Andy Reul (4), Nicki Holbrook (3), Anna Gryglewska (2), Janit Romayko (2), Emily Przysinda (2), Ally Sega (1), Robert Duguay (1), William Gerard (1), Peter Deczi (1) and Paul Epstein (1) also recorded Top Tens.

Galen Rinaldi was number one in the Nation for Women’s 45-49 1500 Meters and Jeremy Virgil was number one for Men’s 1500 meters in the Men’s 35-39 Category.

Individual Top 10
Relay Top 10

The lists are preliminary. Any errors or ommisions should be reported to Mary Beth Windrath.

Great job CONN swimmers!