Annual Meeting Minutes 6/29/14

Held at Wilton YMCA on 6/29/14.

Meeting called to order at about 1:00. Meeting was adjourned about 1:30.

No new nominations to the board. All members were reelected.

Treasurer’s report: Conn Masters ended last year with over 44,000.

New Items:
Having officials for meets has been a challenge. Ideas introduced to encourage more officials at masters meets included using LMSC funds to offer stipends and reimbursing usms membership fees after officiating a set number of meets. Nothing has been agreed upon yet.

Conn Masters helped sanction the open water championships. Attendance was lower than hoped but it was agreed to help again next year. It was agreed that the race was important and more advertising efforts would made.

Jeff stressed his desire to have members participate in World Championships and Summer Nationals. Many at the meeting were planning to do one or the other.

It was again stated that Connecticut is looking for interested volunteers. Specifically, people to host meets, participate on the board, and get involved on a national level.

Annual Meeting Minutes 7/22/12

Held at Wilton YMCA, Wilton, CT on 7/22/12

Meeting was called to order at about 12:30 and was adjourned about 1:00 pm

Treasurer’s Report:  There is over $30,000 in the bank account.

Secretary’s Report:  NA

2011 Minutes accepted as posted.

New Items: Westport questions whether member would like to have a 1500 SCM Free Meet in the fall.  There were a lot of positive responses.  Westport is considering having the meet in October if they can get the Staples High School Pool.

                        Wesleyan’s Coach has expressed interest in hosting a LCM meet in 2013.  There were also positive responses to this.

                       CONN Master’s attire was discussed.  Many people would like to have a good quality shirt (not just a tshirt) that is possibly a light pool color with the old CONN Masters stitching in forrest green.  This will be looked into.

Elections:  Jeff Sargent volunteered to be the Coaches Chair.  He ran unopposed and was elected to the position.  There were no other new nominations for existing positions so all existing officers were voted back in.

2011 Annual Meeting 7/15/11

Held at Wilton YMCA, Wilton, CT

Meeting called to order at about 1:30.  Meeting adjourned about 2:00

Treasurer’s Report:  As of 7/15/11 the bank balance for CTLMSC is $39,670.16.  There are sufficient funds. 

Secretary’s Report:  2010 Minutes accepted.

New Items:  Discussion on spending money to promote masters swimming participation, both membership and meet attendance.  Voted to give swim caps to all CONN Members attending meets.

                        Wilton indicated a desire to host a SCM relay meet in November.  The idea was well received. 

                         Elections:  No new nominations so all officers were voted back in.