New England Short Course Championships

This meet is still accepting entries for those who have debated going.  Connecticut would love to put as many relays together as we can- we love those points and team spirit.  Anyone who is willing to do a relay come see either Charlene Puska, Carolyn Daniels or Ally Sega who will be sitting near the computer table in the bleachers.

Groundhog Results

Here are the 28th Annual Ground Hog Meet – Feb 2013 results.  The meet was very well attended and ran very smoothly.  Thank you to Mike Laux, Ellen Johnston and everyone who helped organize and run the meet.

Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen swim clinic in East Lyme

Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen will be holing a Freestyle clinic, including video taping participants in East Lyme.  The clinic will be on Sat, Feb 16th, 2013 from 12-4:30 pm and costs $195.  Please contact for more information or click here to be linked with the Aquaticedge’s registration page which will allow you to print a registration form or register online.

Meets have been added

Please check Meet Results as many new meets have been added.  First, a reminder that the Annual Ground Hog Meet is less than a week away on Sunday, February 3, 2013.  Hope you have been practicing and we will see you there.  Second, Greenwich YMCA is hosting a Mile Meet and Pool Party on Sunday, March 3, 2013.  This should be a good opportunity for Connecticut Master’s to be able to get in a distance swim early this year.  Then the dates have been announced for the NEM SCY Championships.  The distance day will be Saturday, March 16, 2013 and the rest will be Friday, March 22 through Sunday, March 24, 2013.  The event order has been posted although the entry form is not online yet.  Connecticut Master’s Games will host their swim meet on Sunday, May 19, 2013 at Central Connecticut State University.  Remember: it isn’t how fast you swam at the meet, it’s that you swam, had fun, and got a good meal afterwards!

Ground Hog Meet Sunday February 3, 2013

THE LINK FOR THE GROUND HOG ENTRY IS HERE  Prepare for your Super Bowl Party by swimming in a meet that morning. The Annual Westport Y Masters Ground Hog Meet will be held from 9 AM till 1 PM on February 3, 2013. The event will include the 800 Free Relay and the 400 Medley Relay as new meet events this year. This is also a great opportunity for your relay to swim a TOP TEN Time.
Plan NOW to be there. Enjoy mid-winter camaraderie and fun. Use the January Jam as a method to get in shape and ready for the meet.
Enter on line NOW. HERE IS THE LINK

Groundhog Meet to be held in Westport Feb 3

The Goundhog Meet that is held annually in Westport is one of Connecticut Master’s longest running and most treasured swim events.  This is a great local meet that offers all level of competition.  It is a great meet if you are starting your swim career and want to see how a meet works.  It is also a great meet if you want to try your skills against some of Connecticut’s best swimmers or want to have a meet to prepare for New England Championships or other larger meets.  This year it will be held Sunday, February 3rd.  Details will be added to the swim site when they are available.

New England SCM Champs Results

Results have been added to the results page.  Connecticut again had a proud showing at a New England Meet getting an overall 3rd place in the team event.  Connecticut was led by the very strong showing of Ann Louise Onton, who scored 174 points, placing her 3rd among women (in all age groups)!  Peter Berghaus also did well scoring 95 points for the highest scoring Conn Master’s men.  Christie Hayes added 62 points, Stewart Skolnick added 47 points, and Jack Driscoll added 4 points to Conn Master’s total of 382 points.  Congradulations to those who swam and thank you for representing Connecticut so well.

Meet Results page has been updated.

The results of the FVY meet have been added to the Meet Results page or FVY masters_meet_results_11-04-12[1].  Over 40 swimmers of all abilites participated in Sunday’s swim meet in Granby, CT.  Please join me in thanking Charlie Austin for running another fun and well organized meet for masters swimmers.  New England Masters Short Course Yards Championships will again be held at Boston University.  The meet will have the 800 free on Friday, Dec 7th with the remaining events split between Dec 8th and 9th.  Entry information has been added to Meet Results as well.

Swim Meet at Farmington Valley Y Tomorrow

Please remember that tonight is the night we change the clocks.  Before you go to sleep tonight make sure your alarm clock is set back one hour especially if you are going to the Farmington Valley Meet tomorrow morning.  Deck entried will be accepted until 7:30 and warm us starts at 7:00, the meet starts at 8:00.  I hope to see many of you there.

Quassy Results and new meets

The results for Quassy’s Swim Festival have been added.  It is great to see so many participants.  32 brave souls did all three races for a combination of 5 miles of swimming.  Congradulations to those people.  There have been several meets added around NY and New England that sound enjoyable.  Please remember that Connecticut’s Farmington Valley Y Fall Master’s Meet will be 11/4.