A message from the Chair

A cool 54 degrees greeted me this morning as I got in my car to drive to Wilton Y for morning practice. The chill in the air and the (not so welcome) view of the bubble over Wilton’s pool signifies the end to another summer, and in our case, the end of Long Course and open water season and the start of short course meters and yards season.

2014 has been a good year for Connecticut Masters. As of this morning, membership stands at 471, up from 405 at end of 2013. This puts us well on our way to meeting my goal of 500 members by end of 2015, a goal that may in fact be less aggressive than I originally feared. 3 new workout groups have registered with Conn Masters since June 30. I’d like to welcome Swim 70, What Masters and Shelton Community Center Masters to the fold. For those of you who are currently registered with a club as opposed to a workout group, I would encourage you to contact your coach and have them make the change from club to workout group. It is all about semantics, but it does give greater opportunity to you athletes to participate on relays, even if you are the only representative of your group at a meet. I can tell you that of the 17 relays that Conn Masters placed in the short course Top 10 last season, 15 of them were made up with members from at least 2 different workout groups. Conn Masters also had 2 relays at the top of the FINA World Top 10 rankings for 2013, both of which were made up of swimmers from different workout groups. Workout group over club identification gives much needed flexibility in an LMSC as small as Connecticut. If you want more clarification on this, please contact me directly at wahoomasters@att.net or any of the other Board members.

Connecticut Masters swimmers could be found all over the state at the various open water races and triathlons. Greenwich hosted both a 1 mile and 2 mile race, Westport had their annual 1 mile at Compo, and a new 1 mile race was added in Fairfield. Connecticut Swimming Inc. and Connecticut Masters joined together to sanction the Connecticut Open Water Championship at Lake Quassapaug in June. Sanctioning open water races is an expensive proposition for LMSC’s as the insurance requirements are rather cost prohibitive. It is hoped that USMS will have a solution to this issue, but it is not expected before 2016.

In the pool, Conn Masters resumed its assault on the record book. A total of 31 individual state masters records were broken by 16 individuals. 11 records were broken in the men’s 50 – 54 age group alone, with Andy Reul and Jeff Sargent each setting 4 new marks, while Pete Holmquist, Doug Gugino and Matthew Gordon set 1 each. Additional records were set by Melissa Stango, Bill Flick (2), Jeremy Virgil (2), Whitney Ross (3), Myles Lynch, Tait Michael (2), Paul Harris (3), John Craig (2), Mike Laux, Ann Onton (2) and Pam Wilson.

22 Conn Masters made their way up to Montreal to swim at FINA Masters World Championships. Mike Laux, Paul Harris, Doug Gugino, Andy Reul, Jeremy Virgil, Whitney Ross, Pam Moss, Tait Michael, Ann Onton and Pam Wilson all placed in the Top 16 in their events. Congratulations to all! The following week, 4 Conn Masters made the trek down to the University of Maryland for USMS Long Course Nationals. Ally Sega, Christie Anbar, Robert Duguay and Bill Flick all came away with hardware, leading the team to a 54 place finish overall (out of 144 teams), while the men were 52nd and the women were 61st.

Lastly, as we look ahead to short course season, Wilton Wahoo Masters will host a short course meters meet on November 2nd and Cornerstone Masters will host a short course yards meet on November 16. Additional information and entries can be found on both the Conn Masters site www.ctlmsc.org or on usms.org. Click on “Events and Results” and then “Calendar of Events”. Additionally, I am trying to arrange for coached weekly practice times for all registered Connecticut masters, must likely on a Sunday morning. Please be sure to check the Conn Masters website for information about the practices and for additional meets.

Happy fall everyone and hope to see you at the pool.


Jeff Sargent

Chair, Connecticut Masters


Information added to the website

Fairfield Y has added an open water swim on Saturday, September 20th at Penfield Beach.  This is an excellent opportunity to get one last open water swim in before the end of the outdoor swimming season.

SCY and LCM records have been updated on the Records and Top Ten Lists page.  Also, records have been added for Women’s, Mixed, and Men’s SCY relays.  It is excellent to see how many records were broken in 2014.  The SCM records will be updated at the end of the 2014 SCM season.  There have already been records broken in SCM thanks to a meet in Worchester last spring.  Thanks to Jeff Sargent for preparing and updating the record.  If you believe that there is inaccurate information on any of the records spreadsheets, please email Jeff or Ally Sega.

Connecticut Masters Swim Big at Big Meets

This year, FINA World Masters Championships were held in nearby Montreal, Canada, July 27-August 10.  CONN Masters sent 23 swimmers including: Barbara Baker, Peter Berghaus, Colleen Brandon, Peter Canning, Heather Gesualdi, Matthew Gordon, Doug Gugino, Paul Harris, Hilde Kjekstad, Michael Laux, Tait Michael, Pamela  Moss, Ann Louise Onton, Greg Pinchback, Andy Reul, Whitney Ross, Melissa Stango, Adrian Stroie, Claudia Stroie, Gabriel Stroie, Lucian Stroie, Viorel Stroie, and Jeremy Virgil.  Adrian, Gabriel, Lucian, and Viorel also competed in two relays.  Congrats to all who not only did a great job representing Connecticut, but US Masters.

USMS Nationals were also close by in College Park, Maryland, August 13-17.  Although the numbers were smaller with only 4 swimmers representing CONN Masters, the scores were good.  CONN Masters was 54th out of 144 teams with 65 points.  Christie Anbar, Robert Duguay, and William Flick all scored points in both individual events and relays.  Also competing from Connecticut, swimming for Mansfield was Stephen E. Johnson and Scott James.

Jeff Sargent competed at the 2014 Connecticut LC Senior Championship Meet, July 10-13.  This is a meet run by Connecticut Swimming, as a USA Senior level swim meet and is open too all ages, provided one has made the challenging cut times.  Jeff swam both the 100 back and 100 breast, competing mostly with swimmers between the ages of 15 and 20.

The 2 Mile Cable Swim, also considered a USMS National Championship, was held in nearby Lake Placid, NY August 16th.  CONN Masters were represented very well:  Peg VanZoeren Byram, Rita Caldon, Christine Dos Santos, Paul Epstein, Greg Pinchbeck, Galen Rinaldi, and Jeffrey Stuart.  Out of 111 swimmers, CONN Masters had two finish in the top 10:  Galen Rinaldi, finished first of all swimmers, male and female of all ages and Jeff Stuart finished 7th.  Great job, Galen and Jeffrey.


Connecticut Swimmers Make the Headlines.

 If you saw this picture in your latest Swimmer Magazine and thought, “that face looks familiar”, there is a good reason.  This is Vladimir “Val” Ouchakof swimming at Spring Nationals in Santa Clara, California.  Val has been setting records and getting National Top Ten Times since 1987 as a CONN Master.  At 90, Val swam four events at Nationals, getting 2 first places and 2 second places.  Very impressive.

 Some of you may have also seen the article on this Connecticut Native in the Hartford Courant.  Marcy MacDonald completed her 15th swim across the English Channel on June 30th, 2014, twenty years to the day after her first crossing.   This makes her the new American record holder for most English Channel Crossings.  Please click here to see the Hartford Courant article.

Excellent Weekend for CONN Masters

Thanks to Jen Lyman for running the CT Open Water Championships on Saturday.  361 swimmers participated ranging in ages from 9 to 60.  The meet was organized and well run and the weather was perfect for swimming outdoors.  The results have been added to Meet Results or can be found at: CT-OPEN-WATER-SWIM-CHAMPIONSHIP-RESULTS.

Thanks to Jeff Sargent for running the Wilton Wahoos Summer Sizzler on Sunday.  92 swimmers participated, also in beautiful swimming outdoors conditions.  Also thanks to Jeff for organizing relays, especially with the last minute glitches of swimmers who were unable to make the meet.  Results have been added to Meet Results or can be found at: Sizzler_Results_06292014 (1).

Thanks to all the swimmers who participated in these meets, especially those who toughed out both days.  Thanks to both swimmers and fans who came ready to support and cheer for all swimmers.  It showed once again that Connecticut not only has great swimming, but great teammates.

Last reminder

The deadline for CT Open Water Championships is this Saturday, June 21st.

The deadline for the Wilton Summer Sizzler is next Tuesday, June 24th.

Deadlines coming up for Summer Championship Season

Here’s a reminder that there is a lot of great swimming going on this season but the deadlines are approaching quickly too.  First is the CT Open Water Championships.  This a great open water race: the competition is tough but the water is beautiful.  The registration deadline is June 21 and the meet is June 28.  Next is the Wilton Summer Sizzler, unofficially the CT LCM Championships.  This is also a great place to swim and the annual meeting will be held following the meet.  Registration ends June 24 and the meet is June 29.  FINA World Championships are in Montreal this year, the closest they have been in a long time and probably the closest they will be for a while.  Registration is quickly coming up on this: June 1 which is this Sunday, even though the meet is July 27-August 10.  USMS LCM National Championships are also close to home this year, in College Park, Maryland.  Registration ends online on July 9, but there is a discount for anyone signing up before June 19.  That meet will be August 13-17.  Anyone signing up for USMS LCM Nationals who either wants to or is willing to do relays, please contact me at ally98003@aol.com.  For information on how to register for these meets, please go to Meet Results.

A letter from Jeff Sargent

With the close of short course season upon us, the Connecticut Masters completed one of the teams more successful seasons in recent history. In addition to increased participation at both in state and out of state meets, Conn Masters put in a very strong showing at the New England Masters short course championships in March. Conn Masters followed that up with a very strong meet at the YMCA Masters Short Course Championships held April 10 – April 13. Swimming in Sarasota and under the Wilton Wahoo Masters banner, Conn Masters swimmers swam away with a 3rd place overall, with the women placing 3rd and the men placing 4th. Two additional Conn Masters swimmers representing the Soundview YMCA also swam well.

Short course season saw 29 new Connecticut state individual records and 13 new state relay records. Amelia Fox and Andy Reul led the charge with 5 new individual marks a piece, while Myles Lynch, Denise Callahan, Sian Nimkoff, Pam Wilson and Mike Laux each set 2 new standards. Greg and Jeff Sargent each swam on 4 record setting relays, while Pete Holmquist, Tait Michael, Sheila Stolarski, Pam Henry Moss, Steve Akers, Myles Lynch and Andy Reul were members on 3 relays each. The relay records are still a work in progress and should be on the website shortly. Likewise, the updated individual records will be up soon.

As of May 23, Connecticut Masters membership stood at 414 members, up slightly from last year (405).  I am gratified by the increased membership and very pleased with the number of swimmers coming out for meets. I do want to give a hat tip to both Ally Sega and Galen Rinaldi. Ally is running a growing and very enthusiastic masters group up in Meriden and Galen has a similar vibe going up at Cornerstone Masters. Please let me know about your masters group as well. I’d love to hear what you all have going on.

As we shift our focus to long course season and open water season, please continue to check the website for new meets and updates. http://www.ctlmsc.org/ The Wilton Summer Sizzler is scheduled for June 29 and there are several open water swims up on the calendar. The Conn Masters annual meeting will be held directly after the Wilton meet. We will hold officer’s elections and all are encouraged to get involved.

Lastly, registration for Masters World Championships closes June 1 and USMS Long Course championship entries close July 9th.  Both meets are “local” to Connecticut and I would like to see Conn Masters with some nice entries at both.

If you have any suggestions or comments please contact me directly at wahoomasters@att.net.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the pool.

Jeff Sargent



Spring Meet Results

Results for the Greenwich Mile 2014, WAM Invitational, and Short Course Nationals have been added.  Please check out Meet Results for more information.  CONN Master’s has had many great swims.  If you believe you may have a new CONN Master’s Record, please email Jeff Sargent at Jeff Sargent.

CT Open Water Championships Announced

CT Open Water Championships will once again be held at Lake Quassapaug in Middlebury, CT.  The event will be on Saturday, June 28th and is in honor of Dave Parcels.  This event is a great opportunity for Master’s swimmers to support a USA Swimming event and show younger swimmers that swimming is a great sport for all ages.  The event referee is Mike Huffman, who does an excellent job running swim meets and open waters races, paying particular attention to fairness and safety.  Last years race was exciting and this years race should be just as good.  Please click 2014_Open Water_Meet_Announcement for more information.