CONN Masters has a new logo

C Splash was the winning logo in the recent survey.

C-splash134 people responded to the survey.  C Splash was voted their first choice by over 40% of participants.  Caps will be made with the logo for CONN Masters to support their team spirit.  Details about the caps and their distribution will be publish when they are finalized.

Congratulations to Championships Swimmers

Connecticut Senior Championships were held March 5-8 at Wesleyan University included three Connecticut Masters Swimmers.  Jeff Sargent went a 59.92 in the 100 Fly.  Jennifer Crozier went a 25.46 in the 50 Free.  Jeremy Virgil went a 2:06.32 in the 200 Fly, 10:40.57 in the 1000 Free, and a 5:07.09 in the 500 Free.  Congratulations to all three for their excellent swims.

New England Master’s Championships were help March 15 and 20-22 at Harvard University and also had some great swimming by Connecticut Masters.  Nineteen CONN Masters swimmers with a total of 82 swims and 8 relays participated in the 4 days.  The high point winner for CONN Masters women was Ally Sega with 86 points and for men was Steve Akers with 72 points.  Rob Duguay won a $10 gift card for swimming exactly his seed time in the 100 IM with 1:15.00.  Steven Akers and Robyn DeMarco made the honorable mention list for times within .10 seconds of their seed times.  Two Connecticut records may have been broken:  Steve Akers in the Men’s 40-44 500 Free with a 5:02.77 and Steve Akers, Arthur Gunzl, Robert Duguay, and Alexei Bachuretz in the Men’s 25+ 800 Free Relay with a 8:22.21.  These times still need to checked and confirmed as records but were great swims regardless.  Thank you to everyone who made the weekend so much fun.


Upcoming Meets

The Wilton YMCA Wahoo Masters National Prep Meet on 4/12/15 has been added to the schedule.  Please click the link for registration.

Also please contact Jeff Sargent for more information on YMCA Masters National Swim Meet.  Last year, Wilton YMCA came in 3rd place with the help of swimmers from all over the state.  Can this year’s team do even better?

Also, please remember that CT Master’s Games registration is open.  Click this link for more information and registration.

Good Luck to CONN Masters Swimming in Connecticut Senior Championships

Good luck to the following CONN Masters swimming in Connecticut Senior Championships:  Jennifer Crozier: 100 Fr, Gregory Sargent: 100 Ba, Jeff Sargent: 100 Ba, 100 Fl, and 200 Ba, and Jeremy Virgil: 1000 Fr, 200 Fr, 100 Fl, 200 Fl, and 500 Fr.  Connnecticut Senior Championships will be held March 5-8th at Wesleyan University, in Middletown, CT  This is a highly competitive meet run through Connecticut Swimming, and is open to all ages- no ages groups, provided one qualifies for the very challenging cut times.  Since most swimmers in this meet will be between 15-18 years old, these four will be role models of continuing to swim after graduation.  Please join me in wishing them well as they represent all of us and their clubs.

Message from the Chair, Jeff Sargent

Snow and ice on the road and more snow falling greeted me as I sat down at my desk on another dismal February Monday in Connecticut. Roads were closed. Schools were closed. And unfortunately, the Y had a delayed opening which meant no time to swim before work. I signed on to my computer and pulled up the USMS website to check on our membership numbers. The day went from not so good to good in about 2 seconds. 2015 Conn Masters membership is up 60 members year over year and on pace to reach 550 members by year end, well exceeding our goal of 500 members. The increased membership has given your Board the flexibility to increase the opportunities for you members. In conjunction with USMS, Conn Masters will host a Coaches Certification Clinic this April in Hartford. Conn Masters will offer a ½ scholarship to any member of Conn Masters in good standing. Details to follow. We have made a request to USMS to cohost an adult learn to swim clinic, and two of our members traveled to Massachusetts to become USMS certified Adult Learn To Swim Instructors. Conn Masters will once again sanction the Connecticut Open Water Championships this summer. We are in the midst of tallying your votes for a new Conn Masters logo which, when finalized, will go on our new Conn Masters swim caps and banner. Lastly, at the annual USMS national convention, 2 Conn Masters were accepted as members on national committees. Ally Sega joined the Open Water Committee and I joined the Officials Committee. As our membership numbers continue to increase, it is my hope that we are able to place more members on National Committees which will serve to increase the voice of, as one of our esteemed members so aptly described, “our little rogue LMSC”!

Later that day, I received via email the 2014 Preliminary Short Course Meters Top 10 rankings. Conn Masters swam their way to 43 Individual Top 10 times in 2014, the highest number of SCM Top 10s since 2007 and 5 times as many Top 10s as in 2013. Conn masters also had 8 relays qualify for Top 10 rankings, more ranked relays than any other year other than 2011. More on our Conn Masters relays below. As in previous “seasons” the Conn Masters record book took another body blow with 51 short course meters records falling in 2014. Pam Moss led the charge with 4 new records, while, Ann Louise Onton, John Craig, Amelia Fox, Maria Zenoni and Nicole Holbrook each set 3 new marks. 11 other Conn Masters set 2 records and 10 set 1.

We are now moving quickly into championship season with both regional and national meets drawing our attention. First up will be the New England LMSC short course yards championships held March 15 and March 20 – 22 at Harvard. Ally Sega will be Conn Masters coach on deck for this meet. Colonies Zones Short Course Championships will be held April 10 – 12 at George Mason University in Manassas, Virginia and the USMS SC Championships will be held April 23 – 26 In San Antonio, Texas. Information for these meets is posted on the Conn Masters website, Lastly, YMCA Masters Nationals will be held May 7 – May 10 in Sarasota, Florida. Y membership is required but many Ys will offer 1 month memberships to accommodate Masters swimmers that wish to attend this meet. Last year the Soundview YMCA sent 2 swimmers and Wilton and Westport Y joined forces and sent 34 athletes. Please contact your local YMCA or feel free to contact me directly and I will be happy to steer you in the right direction.

Now, jumping back to the subject of relays as referenced above. Conn masters has had a fair amount of past success in placing 800 free relays in the national and international Top 10 rankings. A few of us were sitting around chit chatting about our “success” when an interesting topic was raised (interesting to swim geeks that is!) Had any LMSC placed a relay in the number 1 spot across all 3 courses, Short Course Yards, Short Course Meters and Long Course Meters? I didn’t know the answer and frankly didn’t really know where to begin to look but I looked at some of the past few years rankings and saw that not only was it “doable” in 1 age group (45+ scy and 200-239 scm & lcm) but it appeared that Conn Masters had the personnel to get it done across 2 different age groups (35+ scy and 160-199 scm & lcm)! And so it began. We raced the 160 – 199 scm relay at the Wilton meet last January, the 45+ scy relay at the Westport Y Groundhog meet last February and the 35+ scy relay at Harvard last March. Both the 160-199 and 200-239 relays went off at the Summer Sizzler at Wilton in June, with the 200-239 relay just off the FINA Masters World Record. Lastly, the 200-239 scm relay raced at the Wilton short course meet in November.  The end result of this year long quest was, in fact, exactly as we had set out to do. USMS Number 1 rankings in 2 different age groups across all 3 courses. I am hopeful that when the FINA World rankings are published in the spring that Conn Masters will land on top there as well.  11 different athletes participated in this adventure with several swimmers participating on multiple relays. The chart below lists the swimmers involved and the finishing times. I would encourage you all to seek out these kind of opportunities. I for one will be happy to race on just about any relay if I’m at the meet and if I have some advance notice.

I am proud to be a member of Connecticut Masters swimming and extremely proud of the progress that we have made in the past several years. I am hopeful that in my future quarterly notes I will have as much good news to report as I have had in the past.

Kind Regards,

Jeff Sargent

Connecticut Masters Chair

800 Freestyle Relay SCM Mixed 200 – 239 (2014) 800 Freestyle Relay SCM Mixed 160-199 (2014)
 #   Team   LMSC   Swimmers (age)   Time   #   Team   LMSC   Swimmers (age)   Time 
1  CONN  Connecticut Andy Reul (51) 9:20.85 1  CONN  Connecticut Andy Reul (51)  9:14.19
Jeff Sargent (50) Jeff Sargent (50)
Tait Michael (51) Galen Rinaldi (45)
Pam H Moss (52) Pam H Moss (52)
800 Freestyle Relay SCY Mixed 45+ (2014) 800 Freestyle Relay SCY Mixed 35+ (2014)
 #   Team   LMSC   Swimmers (age)   Time   #   Team   LMSC   Swimmers (age)   Time 
1  CONN  Connecticut Andy Reul (50) 08:33.7 1  CONN  Connecticut Steve Akers (42) 8:00.21
Jeff Sargent (49) Jeff Sargent (49)
Sian Nimkoff (49) Galen Rinaldi (45)
Pam H Moss (52) Amelia P Fox (42)
800 Freestyle Relay LCM Mixed 200-239 (2014) 800 Freestyle Relay LCM Mixed 160-199 (2014)
 #   Team   LMSC   Swimmers (age)   Time   #   Team   LMSC   Swimmers (age)   Time 
1  CONN  Connecticut Jeff Sargent (50) 9:29.05 1  CONN  Connecticut Myles G Lynch (48) 9:20.92
Andy Reul (51) Whitney Ross (43)
Tait Michael (50) Galen Rinaldi (45)
Pam H Moss (52) Jeremy C Virgil (35)


Great Groundhog Meet

121 Swimmers competed in the 30th Annual Groundhog Meet on Sunday, February 1st.  20 clubs were represented from all over the US.  Many thanks to Mike Laux and Ellen Johnston for hosting the well run meet.  Also thanks to the officials, timers, and anyone else who volunteered for their time.  Results are posted on and and on a program called

Also, CT Master’s SCM records have been updated and are on the Records and Top Ten Lists Page.

Reminder about upcoming meets.

Registration ends for the Groundhog meet tomorrow, Friday, January 30th, before noon.  On deck entries are discouraged but allow for an increased fee for those unable to get their entries in tomorrow.  I suspect there will be an after meet brunch at a local restaurant.  Please see Carolyn Daniels or Robyn DeMarco at the meet if you are interested.

Also, New England SCY Championships has opened their registration.  The meet this year will be March 15th for the distance day.  Please note this is a Sunday which is different than it has been in the past.  The rest of the meet will be March 20-22, 2015.  Please email me if you are interested in doing relays at Harvard, email me at Ally Sega.  Last year, we had many great swims and relays.  New England swimmers were impressed with our enthusiasm and sportsmanship at this meet.

YMCA Nationals are coming up May 7th- May 10th.  If you are interested in going, but do not belong to a participating YMCA please contact Jeff Sargent.  The Wilton YMCA is offering a deal so that you can belong to their YMCA for the duration of the registration/meet process.  Last year, Wilton placed 3rd with 33 swimmers participating.  Jeff would love to take 40 or more swimmers this year and try for first or second place.


Attention CONN Master’s

An email will be distributed shortly to all registered CONN Masters with an opportunity to vote for a new CONN Master’s logo and tagline.  There are many creative and fun ideas.  The winning logo will be used to create new CONN Master’s caps which will be distributed to all registered CONN Master’s.   If you are not yet registered for USMS, in the Connecticut LMSC, please register now so that you may participate in the voting process.

Paul Epstein makes the local news

Many in Connecticut Swimming know Paul Epstein as an avid open water swimmer who isn’t afraid to compete in pool competitions, a great competitor, serious competition, a friendly face, and sometimes- the man behind the camera.  The Hartford Courant and Valley Life have recently written articles, with great pictures, honoring our teammate Paul.  Please click these links: Hartford Courant Article and Valley Life Article to read the articles.

Galen thanks Cornerstone Meet attendees.

Galen would like to thank all who attended the meet this Sunday in West Hartford.  She says,  “It was a great turnout and exciting to have so many first time master swimmers compete.  It was great to have a lot of New England Masters attend.”  It was a great turnout: 93 swimmers entered from 10 different teams.  There were 21 relays in age groups ranging from 25+ up to 65+ up.  Thank you to Galen, the staff at Cornerstone Pool, and the Conard/Hall swim teams for putting together a great meet.