Hartford Masters Spring Tune Up Meet -April 9, 2017


Hartford Masters at Trinity College is hosting a spring SCY meet on April 9, 2017.

Warm-up 9:30 am; meet starts 10:30 am; pool must be cleared by 2:00 pm. Deck entries must be in by 9:30 am!!  No deck entries will be accepted after this time.

Swimmers are permitted to enter a MAXIMUM of three (3) individual events & two (2) relay events. The 500 freestyle will be limited to a maximum of 2 heats or 16 swimmers. Positive check in required for the 500 free.


# Sex Event
1 Mixed 200 Y Medley Relay
4 Mixed 200 Y IM
5 Mixed 100 Y Breast
6 Mixed 50 Y Free
7 Mixed 500 Y Free
8 Mixed 50 Y Fly
9 Mixed 100 Y Back
10 Mixed 200 Y Free
11 Mixed 50 Y Breast
12 Mixed 100 Y Fly
13 Mixed 50 Y Back
14 Mixed 100 Y IM
15 Mixed 100 Y Free
16 Mixed 200 Y Free Relay

Register Here

Bill Krumm, former Westport/ Weston Y Coach and CONN Master

It is with great sadness that CONN Masters announces the passing of Bill Krumm.  He will be remembered as a great coach, a great swimmer, and a leader in the world of swimming.  Please see this article from USA Swimming World:

USA Swimming Western Zone Development Consultant Bill Krumm has died. He joined USA Swimming in 2007 after he spent 27 years as the head coach of the Westport Weston Family YMCA in Westport, Connecticut.

Below is the announcement put out by his former team, the Water Rats.

It is with great sadness that we announce that Bill Krumm, the former head coach of the Water Rats, has passed away.

Bill was the Sports Development Consultant for the Western Zone of USA Swimming, which he joined in 2007 after 27 years as Head Coach of the Westport Weston Family YMCA Water Rats. While he was our Head Coach, Bill was the anchor of our program, coaching many of our swimmers at the Age Group level with quite a few obtaining Team, State, and Zone records.

Bill was an exacting coach with a stern façade, who got the best out of his swimmers.  Underneath that curmudgeon-like exterior, however, was a kind and gentle soul who had a great sense of humor and devoted his life to our team when he was its coach.

Swimming was always part of Bill, who was a native of Connecticut. He graduated in 1977 from Southern Connecticut State University, where he was a nationally ranked swimmer and water polo player. When he was a senior, Bill won the Robert B. Muir Award as New England’s top senior swimmer. His team SCSU inducted Bill into its Sport Hall of Fame in 1995.

Bill also held many leadership positions as a volunteer in the swimming community.  He was YMCA League President, member of the USA Swimming Safety Education Committee, and was General Chairman of Connecticut Swimming.

SCM Top Ten 2016

Mike Laux (6-Individual and 1-Relay) and
Anna Gryglewska (5 Individual and 3 Relay)
led CONN swimmers in Top Ten awards
for the 2016 Short Course Meters Season.  Great job all!



2016 USMS Top 10 SCM for Connecticut LMSC

This is a preliminary Top 10 listing  for proofreading purposes only.

Women 25-29
Place  Event       Name               Age  Club  Time
=====  ==========  =================  ===  ==== 
    6  50 Free     Anna C Gryglewska   26  CONN  27.91
    9  50 Free     Thammara Clemente   27   RAC  28.23
    4  100 Free    Anna C Gryglewska   26  CONN  1:01.20
    6  50 Back     Anna C Gryglewska   26  CONN  32.97
    8  100 Back    Anna C Gryglewska   26  CONN  1:10.79
    1  200 Back    Anna C Gryglewska   26  CONN  2:32.20

Women 30-34
Place  Event       Name               Age  Club  Time
=====  ==========  =================  ===  ====  
    9  200 Breast  Michelle Zelek      32  CONN  3:17.95
    4  200 Fly     Heather M Bernstein   31  CONN  2:43.71

Women 60-64
Place  Event       Name               Age  Club  Time
=====  ==========  =================  ===  ====  
    9  100 Breast  Nikki J Holbrook    63  CONN  1:36.56

Women 70-74
Place  Event       Name               Age  Club  Time
=====  ==========  =================  ===  ====  
    7  100 Breast  Janit P Romayko     71  CONN  1:59.65
    7  200 Breast  Janit P Romayko     71  CONN  4:25.13

Men 18-24
Place  Event       Name               Age  Club  Time
=====  ==========  =================  ===  ====  
    9  50 Free     Eric S Traub        24  UC05  24.53
    3  100 Free    Eric S Traub        24  UC05  53.40
    9  400 Free    William H Gerard    24  CONN  4:48.25
    7  800 Free    William H Gerard    24  CONN  10:09.88
    3  100 IM      Eric S Traub        24  UC05  1:00.77

Men 30-34
Place  Event       Name               Age  Club  Time
=====  ==========  =================  ===  ====  
    5  800 Free    Robert E Duguay     31  CONN  10:21.14

Men 55-59
Place  Event       Name               Age  Club  Time
=====  ==========  =================  ===  ====  
    9  800 Free    Jeffrey S Stuart    56  CONN  10:20.94

Men 65-69
Place  Event       Name               Age  Club  Time
=====  ==========  =================  ===  ====  
    9  200 Fly     William J Geoghegan   66  CONN  3:28.35
   10  400 IM      William J Geoghegan   66  CONN  6:48.19

Men 75-79
Place  Event       Name               Age  Club  Time
=====  ==========  =================  ===  ====  
    3  200 Free    Michael A Laux      75  CONN   3:02.87
    5  400 Free    Michael A Laux      75  CONN   6:26.66
    2  50 Breast   Michael A Laux      75  CONN   44.33
    2  100 Breast  Michael A Laux      75  CONN   1:41.21
    3  200 Breast  Michael A Laux      75  CONN   3:44.92
    6  100 IM      Michael A Laux      75  CONN   1:38.62

Men 80-84
Place  Event       Name               Age  Club  Time
=====  ==========  =================  ===  ====  
   10  200 Free    Howard Alkoff       83  CONN   4:14.72
    7  400 Free    Howard Alkoff       83  CONN    9:02.77
This is a preliminary Top 10 listing for proofreading purposes only.

Men 200-239 SCM (2016)
Place  Event       Club             Time  Swimmers
=====  ==========  =============== 
    9  400 Medley  CONN             5:20.50  Erik Higgens (41),
 Robert J Lamontagne (58), Benjamin W Wyckoff (52), Peter Canning (58)

Men 240-279 SCM (2016)
Place  Event       Club             Time  Swimmers
=====  ==========  ===============  
    7  200 Free    CONN             2:12.56  Peter Canning (58),
 Benjamin W Wyckoff (52), William J Geoghegan (66), Michael A Laux (75)

Women 160-199 SCM (2016)
Place  Event       Club             Swimmers
=====  ==========  ===============  
    6  400 Medley  CONN             6:18.88  Cheryl S Edison (54),
 Christine A Matarese (41), Madeline Bey (30), Jennifer R Madonia (44)

Mixed 100-119 SCM (2016)
Place  Event       Club             Time  Swimmers
=====  ==========  ===============  
    9  200 Free    CONN             2:00.21  Anna C Gryglewska (26),
 Robert E Duguay (31), Heather M Bernstein (31), William H Gerard (24)
   10  200 Medley  CONN             2:17.27  Anna C Gryglewska (26),
 Robert E Duguay (31), Heather M Bernstein (31), William H Gerard (24)
    4  400 Free    CONN             5:15.30  Madeline Bey (30),
 Nicole Guglielmo (33), Robert E Duguay (31), William H Gerard (24)
    2  400 Medley  CONN             5:00.98  Anna C Gryglewska (26),
 Robert E Duguay (31), Heather M Bernstein (31), William H Gerard (24)

32nd Annual Groundhog Meet -Results

The 32nd Annual Groundhog Masters Swim Meet held on Sunday, February 5, at the Westport/Weston YMCA was a great success with 114 entered swimmers, 340 individual splashes and 12 relay splashes.



Happy New Year CONN Masters!


Happy New Year to all CONN Masters swimmers!  2016 was a great year with many masters swimmers winning championships, earning national Top Tens, hitting personal bests,  swimming for noble causes, swimming a new event for the first time, and or simply showing up in the pool with a smile on their faces.  The CONN team also did well in events from the National YMCA Championships in Sarasota, Florida in May to the New England Short Course Meters Championships in Worcester, Mass in December.

As we look ahead to the new year, let us be thankful for our friends and coaches, and for the water that blesses us all.

Those looking for New Year challenges in 2017, here is a list to consider:

  1. Pick Three Events and Go for PRs
  2. See How Many Events in World Championships/or US Championships you can Qualify for.*
  3. Do the Checkoff Challenge where you get a time in every event (can be done at meet or in practice with timer) plus one open water event
  4. Swim in a Regional/or National Championship
  5. Enter One Hour Postal Championship
  6. Enter One mile Postal Championship
  7. Enter 400 Kick for Time Postal Event
  8. Swim 100X100
  9. Swim an Open Water Event
  10. Swim an Open Water Event Outside Connecticut
  11. Do a Swim (or More) for a Charitable Cause
  12. Swim on a Top Ten Relay**
  13. Swim a 200/or 400 IM
  14. Swim a new event and get a starting PR!
  15. Join CONN Masters in Sarasota, FL for the 2017 YMCA Championships in May
  16. Join CONN Masters at the 2017 NESCM Championships in Worcester, MA in December

*FINA 2017 World Masters Swimming Qualifying Times

**Requires planning.  Long Course Meter and Short Course Meter events offer best opportunity

Have a Safe and Healthy New Years All!



Cornerstone CONN swimmers celebrate a successful year of swimming and friendship and toast their coach Galen Rinaldi, who encourages and inspires them.  Thanks to all the coaches who write the workouts, offer the enthusiasm, push us to our best and make us want to show up even early in the morning or after a hard working day or in the cold of winter.  Thanks all!

ALTS Class being offered in New Haven

USMS is offering an Adult Learn to Swim (ALTS) Instructor Certification Program in New Haven on Saturday, March 11, 2017.  This program is great for anyone in interested in teaching adults how to swim, especially aquatics coordinators, instructors and staff that offer or would like to offer adult learn to swim programs.  USMS membership is required along with the ability to perform American Red Cross’ Five Skills of Water Competency: step/jump into water over your head, return to the surface and float or tread water for one minute, turn in a full circle (to find an exit), swim 25 yards, and exit the pool.  The program costs $300 and includes 5 hours of classroom instruction, materials, lunch, and 2 hours of in pool instruction.

The class is being taught by Bill Meier, a long time USMS swimmer and coach, who helped create the ALTS Instructor Program.  Bill is as enthusiastic in his teaching (he may break out into song and dance) as he is knowledgeable.

For more details and to register:  ALTS clinics.

Trinity College Masters Meet-Nov 13-Results


Another great meet was held at Trinity College on November 13, sponsored by Hartford Masters.

6 teams represented.
29 swimmers entered.
80 individual event splashes, 2 DQs.
4 relay event splashes.

Results for all CONN Swimmers

CONN Masters Earn Top 10 LCM Honors

CONN Masters recorded 40 individual national Top 10s for the 2016 Long Course Meters season and 10 Relay Top Tens. The 50 combined Top Tens is the most for CONN masters since 2011 when CONN masters earned 54 (49 Individual, 5 relay).

Galen Rinaldi and Mike Laux led the way with 6 individual Top tens each, followed by Jeremy Virgil and Jeff Sargent with 5 each. Andy Reul (4), Nicki Holbrook (3), Anna Gryglewska (2), Janit Romayko (2), Emily Przysinda (2), Ally Sega (1), Robert Duguay (1), William Gerard (1), Peter Deczi (1) and Paul Epstein (1) also recorded Top Tens.

Galen Rinaldi was number one in the Nation for Women’s 45-49 1500 Meters and Jeremy Virgil was number one for Men’s 1500 meters in the Men’s 35-39 Category.

Individual Top 10
Relay Top 10

The lists are preliminary. Any errors or ommisions should be reported to Mary Beth Windrath.

Great job CONN swimmers!

New workout group at Trinity in Hartford:

Starting November 1st, Trinity will have coached workouts on Monday and Wednesday mornings (facility opens at 5:45am) and baggy workouts during lunch time swim on Tuesday and Thursday.  Membership to Trinity College Sports Center is not required!  New members can register starting November 1, 2016.  Monthly membership are $60 for mornings and $50 for lunch.  Quarterly memberships are $165 for mornings and $135 for lunch.  Punch cards can also be purchased for $100 for 10 swims but expires after 3 mos and drop-in or try-outs are $10.  Payment method is cash or checks made out to Trinity College.
Ferris Sports Center is located off of Broad Street near the intersection of Crescent St and Broad St.  Ferris will be your first building on your right.  Parking and entrance to pool is available behind the building, immediately to your right when turning into campus.  Contact Carlos at carlos.vega@trincoll.edu with any questions.

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