Colonies Zone and National Championships for LCM

Registration for these two championship meets have been added to the Registrations and Results 2015 page.  If you are planning or interested in going to Nationals in August please contact Rob Duguay at  He would like to organize transportation, rooming, and relays with anyone who might be going.  Please note that the registration deadline for Nationals is July 6th which is a month before the meet itself.


A letter from the Chair, Jeff Sargent

“I apologize for the lateness of the Q1 update for Conn Masters. Later than usual championships and other work kept me tied up until just recently. The Masters short course season officially ended May 31 and, once again, Conn Masters had a banner year, including a “best ever” 5th place overall finish at the New England Masters short course championships in March. Conn Masters women grabbed 4th place and Conn Masters Men placed 6th. At the meet, swimming in the Men’s 25+ 800 free relay, the foursome of Steve Akers, Art Gunzl, Rob Duguay and Alexie Bachuretz combined to set a new Masters state record, covering the distance on 8:22.17. Nice work guys. IN late April, 5 Conn Masters headed down to San Antonio and raced at USMS Spring Nationals. Jen Brooks Crozier, Ashley Beeman, Ben Wyckoff, Howard Alkoff and Val Ouchakof all swam very well with Jen winning both the 100 IM and the 100 fly while Ashley Beeman took the title in the 1000 free and Val won the 200 IM. Congratulations to all who competed. Conn Masters followed that up with a very strong meet at the YMCA Masters Short Course Championships held May 7 – May 10. Swimming in Sarasota and under the Wilton Wahoo Masters banner, 36 swimmers joined to, once again, come away with a 3rd place overall, behind a very strong (and very large – 156 swimmers) Sarasota Sharks Masters and an equally strong (but not quite as large – 50 swimmers) YMCA of the Chesapeake team. The women took 3rdand the men placed 6th. One additional Conn Masters swimmers representing the Soundview YMCA also swam well. This meet will return to Sarasota next year, April 14th – 17th and I would encourage all to consider this meet. It is a lot of fun!

After the beat down Conn Masters put on the record books last year, I expected to see a drop off in new standards set. I was mistaken. 29 new Connecticut State individual short course records were set this year with Tait Michael out in front with 6 new records and Andy Reul leading the men with 5 new marks. Swimming in the 50 – 54 age group, Tait and Andy broke outright or tied every individual freestyle record with the exception of the 50 free. A remarkable accomplishment. And just for good measure, Tait decided to take on the 400 IM as well, taking that mark by over 40 seconds. Jen Brooks Crozier set 4 new State records, while Whitney Ross, Myles Lynch, John Craig and Jeff Sargent contributed 2 marks each. Amelia Fox, Maria Zenoni, Steve Akers, Mike Laux, Val Ouchakof and Jeremy Virgil each set 1 standard. In addition to the 800 free relay mentioned above, Lynne Zareski, Mary Anne Condon, Colleen Brandon and Sara Schrager set a new State mark in the Women’s 55+ 200 Medley Relay and Andy Reul, Greg Sargent, Anna Gryglewska and Whitney Ross broke the Mixed 18+ 200 Free Relay. Updated records will be on the website shortly. As always, if you see a record that I missed please contact me with the date and location of the meet and I’ll make the update.

As of May 23, Connecticut Masters membership stood at 477 members, up from 414 last year. We ended 2014 at 492 members and we are definitely on pace to exceed that mark. I am gratified by the increased membership and very pleased with the number of swimmers coming out for meets. Please let me know about your masters group as well. I’d love to hear what you all have going on. Also, please consider hosting a Masters meet. We need more places to race!

As we shift our focus to long course season and open water season, please continue to check the website for new meets and updates. The Wilton Summer Sizzler is scheduled for June 28 and there are several open water swims up on the calendar. The Conn Masters annual meeting will be held directly after the Wilton meet. We will hold officer’s elections and all are encouraged to get involved.

If you have any suggestions or comments please contact me directly at


Looking forward to seeing you all at the pool.

Jeff Sargent”


A note from the Editor:  Thank you Jeff for all the hard work you put into Connecticut Masters.

Master’s Swim Clinic to be held at New Canaan YMCA

Saturday, June 27th, New Canaan YMCA will be hosting a Master’s Swim Clinic with guest coach, Dr. Sam Freas.  Dr. Sam Freas has coached all levels of swimming including masters and Olympic.  He focuses on strokes, starts, turns, finishes and dryland.  The clinic will be held from 8:30 to 11:30 and is specifically for adults 18 years and older.  Please see this NCY Masters Clinic for more information.

Wilton Summer Sizzler and Annual Meeting

The Wilton Summer Sizzler is coming up on Sunday, June 28th.  This is a great opportunity to swim Long Course Meters so if you hate flip turns- sign up soon.  Following the meet is the CONN Master’s Annual Meeting.  This meeting is for ALL Connecticut Masters, regardless of if you have a leadership position in the organization.  The purpose of this meeting is for the board to be able to work with the members to set priorities, hear concerns, and work towards having a better organization.  If you have any interest in having a leadership role or feel that you can contribute to CONN Masters, feel free to speak to Jeff Sargent at your earliest convenience.  If you have any concerns or suggestions for the meeting and are unable to attend, please feel free to contact me and I will make sure it is on the meeting agenda.

CONN Masters SCY Records

The LMSC SCY records have been updated on the Records and Top Ten Lists page.  Congrats to all the people who set records in the last year.  Relay records are currently being updated and should be added soon.

Long Course Meet Added-

For those looking for more pool competition opportunities, a chance to swim long course before Nationals, or just another excuse to get in the water, The 15th Annual Wilton Wahoo Summer Sizzler has been added to the line up.  Please click here for registration.

CT Master’s Games

Congratulations to all who participated in CT Master’s games.  Many, many awards were given out and there were many close races to cheer for.  Thanks to Galen Rinaldi for being the meet director.  Also, thanks to the officials, timers, and all who helped put the meet together.  Remember that meets are only possible with the large amount of people who commit before, during, and after the meet to work towards it’s success.  I was pleased to hear many swimmers thanking people who were volunteering at the meet.  Please see the results posted here.

CT Master’s meet registration deadline extended.

Registration is still available online for the CT Master’s games through this Friday, May 8th.  If you have not yet registered, please register here before this Friday.  Remember to consider inviting a buddy, who might sign up at a discounted price.

Annual Meeting Minutes 6/29/14

Held at Wilton YMCA on 6/29/14.

Meeting called to order at about 1:00. Meeting was adjourned about 1:30.

No new nominations to the board. All members were reelected.

Treasurer’s report: Conn Masters ended last year with over 44,000.

New Items:
Having officials for meets has been a challenge. Ideas introduced to encourage more officials at masters meets included using LMSC funds to offer stipends and reimbursing usms membership fees after officiating a set number of meets. Nothing has been agreed upon yet.

Conn Masters helped sanction the open water championships. Attendance was lower than hoped but it was agreed to help again next year. It was agreed that the race was important and more advertising efforts would made.

Jeff stressed his desire to have members participate in World Championships and Summer Nationals. Many at the meeting were planning to do one or the other.

It was again stated that Connecticut is looking for interested volunteers. Specifically, people to host meets, participate on the board, and get involved on a national level.

CT Master’s Deadline fast approaching

The registration deadline for CT Master’s is this FRIDAY, MAY 1ST.  This year, CT Master’s is having a buddy registration process.  If you have already registered, you may give your code to a friend who can enter the meet at a discounted price.  If you haven’t registered, find a friend and register together.  Please sign up as soon as possible so that everyone can come with a buddy.  Also, Connecticut is an “Open State” meaning that not only can Connecticut residents participate, but out of state residents are welcome also.  Please consider inviting friends from other states to make the competition more interesting.  The registration link can be found here.