Meet Results, Registrations, and News

The preliminary results for the meet this weekend:  Wilton Wahoos Results 1-12-14 have been added to the website and to the USMS database.  The registration link for the Ground Hog meet in Westport is now up and running.  Greenwich will again be running a 1650 meet in March which will be a USMS recognized meet.  You can find the registration links for the Ground Hog Meet and the 1650 in Greenwich in Meet Results.

YMCA Nationals, April 10-14,  have also been posted.  Jeff Sargent would like to send one team from Connecticut.  Regardless of what YMCA you belong to or even if you don’t belong to a YMCA, please contact Jeff Sargent if you would like to swim at Y Nationals.  USMS Spring Nationals are to be held in Santa Clara, CA on May 1-4th.  There has already been some interest from CONN Masters.  Please contact Ally Sega if you are planning on going to SCY Nationals so that we can enter relays.