Remember to check the entry deadlines carefully.

Just a reminder to check the entry deadlines for the meets you are interested in participating in.  Meets hosts are allowed to decided how and when to accept registrations.  Most try to vary carefully analyze what will be the easiest while still getting the largest participation.  Meets in the past had early deadlines because they were done through the mail and meet hosts were afraid that mail would arrive late.  Then hosts started allowing for same day entries so they could encourage more  participation.  With computer programs doing online registration, entry dates have been extended but many don’t allow onsite registration anymore.  Some meet hosts, like the Swim Festival, have started to charge different fees depending on when you register to encourage early sign ups.  Be safe, read the entry options and deadlines closely.  Please note that paper entries for the Wilton Sizzler must be received (not just postmarked) by Tuesday, July 9th but online registration goes until next Tuesday, July 16th.  With July just starting, some are being caught off guard at the fast approaching deadlines.