How do the rules get made? More Convention News.

Ever wonder why masters are allowed to do breaststroke kick during butterfly or why masters are allowed to start in the water facing the course or the wall?  (Yes, those really are rules.)  These rules are debated and voted on at the convention.  USMS is made up of many committes that are made up of about 10-20 members.  They cover topics such as The Coaches Committee, Open Water Committee, Rules Committee, Championship Committee, etc.  During convention, they hold meetings that all convention attendees are allow to attend.  They talk about what changes they are working towards in Master’s swimming, including anything that will be voted on by Convention Delegates.  Some of this year topics included how to institute a point system to determine the fastest open water swimmers, what are safe and reasonable temperature limits for open water swimming, and what are reasonable expectations for LMSC boards.  With such broad topics, it is easy to find subjects to feel passionate about.  I enjoyed both in the Open Water Committee Meetings and the LMSC Committee meetings, reminding members that not all LMSC’s have 10,000 plus members and that expectations and rewards should be balanced for the large and small LMSC’s like Connecticut.  While sometimes listening to the debates can seem tedious, it is a great way to give to USMS and get so much back at the same time.