USMS Convention held in North Carolina

I was lucky enough to attend the USMS Convention in North Carolina this last week.  The highlights are too numerous to share in just one news burst so over the next couple weeks, I will share some of my experiences.  The convention is both a way to give to USMS, which is almost entirely run and organized by volunteers but also a way to get more out of Masters.  I was able in many occasions to voice my opinion that USMS should remember that some LMSC’s are smaller, like Connecticut, and that rules, regulations, and rewards need to be balanced to equally represent us.  I was also able to remind people that USMS is for “fitness, fun, and fellowship” and that fast is not one of the founding principals (even though it can be fun too).  While I can talk at length to the importance of committee meetings and workshops, the real benefit of going to convention is the socials.  While I have so many great memories, I will share this one first.  Friday night, a group from New England and I celebrated a successful day by drinking some beers by the pool.  Who should wander over but none other than, world record holding, Olympic gold medalist, Aaron Peirsol, who sat a drank with us for over 2 hours.  And the best is that he is really cool, down to earth, and has a great attititude about swimming for fun.  Yes, I will add the pictures for those of you who think this is just a ploy to get more CONN Master’s to convention next year.  But really, consider making time for next year’s convention in Anaheim, California.