MM Practice 5/2

As with any workout program, please consult with a physician before engaging in a new program and listen to your body for any signs of distress.  This practice is meant to give you ideas only and should be modified to fit your needs.  Neither USMS, CT LMSC, nor the publisher is responsible for any ill effects of this practice, whether used as written or modified.

500 Free- Try breathing every 3 strokes for the whole 500

2×400 IM

3X300 Free Drills

4X200 Not Free Drills

5×100 Free Fast, good swimmers should do them on about 1:40, medium swimmers should do 2:00- adjust the time to your ability

200 Cool Down

Total 3700 yards

If you want more yards, think about adding a 500 warm up before the 500 free, longer cool down, and/or a 500 kick set after the 5×100.

If you want a shorter set, take out some of the higher multiples- do 1×400 IM instead of 2 or 2×200 Not Free Drill.  Try to keep in at least one of everything and do closer amounts to the stuff you need to work on- triathletes and open water swimmers should keep the free and do less of the IM and Not Free.