Mike and Jeff would like to congratulate the following people for having the great honor of making FINA WORLD TOP TEN 2011.  Yes that was world top times.  In SCM Individual events:  Galen Rinaldi, 6th in the 400 Free, Fred Goldner, 4th in the 1500 Free and John Craig, FIRST in the 200 Fly.  In LCM Individual events:  Galen Rinaldi, 10th in the 200 Free, 9th in the 400 Free, 4th in the 800 Free, 2nd in the 1500 Free (to Janet Evans), Sheila Stolarski, 9th in the  100 Back, Fred Goldner, 8th in the 400 Free, 6th in the 800 Free, 4th in the 1500 Free, John Craig, 6th in the 100 Fly.

For SCM Relays:  200 Free:  200-239 Women’s:  Colleen Brandon, Barbara Baker, Pam Henry Moss, Sheila Stolarski, 800 Free:  200-239 Women’s FIRST PLACE:  Colleen Brandon, Barbara Baker, Pam Henry Moss, Sheila Stolarski, 160-199 Mixed:  Michael Hoffman, Galen Rinaldi, Tait Michael, and Jeff Sargent, 200-239 Men’s:  Andy Reul, Jake Gulick, Jack Geoghegan, and Jeremy Virgil.

For LCM Relays:  400 Free:  160-199 Men’s:  Myles Lynch, Jeff Sargent, Greg Sargent, James Lewis.  200-239 Mixed:  Andy Reul, Michael Laux, Charlene Puska, Galen Rinaldi.  200 Medley:  160-199 Mixed:  Sheila Stolarski, Myles Lynch, Gregory Sargent, Galen Rinaldi.

Apologies to anyone who was missed.  Please let me know if you know of someone else who should be included in this distinguished list.