December- Eating a Snack

I am sure many of you have been seeing articles on the importance of eating a post workout snack.  I do believe there is value to a post workout snack but if you would really like more details on what and when, consult a nutritionist, preferably a sports nutritionist.  I will give a tip on a question a swimmer asked after trying to start eating a snack after a her workouts.  She told me she would go home and open a bag of chips and then she would have a hard time putting the bag down, and the only chips she could not eat were the ones she gave to the begging dog at her feet until the bag was empty.  This sounded familiar as I was transported back to post high school swims when I would eat a bag of smart food; yes, the whole family size bag.  I think this is a common problem and in order to eat a snack without ruining the calorie burning success of the practice, plan on what you are going to eat before leaving for practice.  Consider packing an appropriate size snack, something that can fit in your hand, in the car.  Granola bars, fruit, and sandwich size bags of food travel well.  If you have the food preportioned and waiting in the car you can snack on the way home.  By eating on the way, you will fill up and be less likely to rumage the cabinets.