MM 11/16/11


10 minute warm up- do a varity of strokes and drills.

500 repeats- do between 2 and 5 depending on your speed.  rest between 1 and 2 minutes depending on your ability.  This set should take about 30 minutes.  Try to decrease your time on each of the 500’s.

10 x 50 Not Freestyle (mix between Fly, Back, and Breast) /in between each 50 climb onto the deck and do 5 squats.  Try to hold your arms streamline over your head, keep your back straight, keep your knees from going farther forward than your toes, and only bend so that your knees have a 90 degree or less angle.  It is actually better for your body to do a little less than a little more on squats. 

200 easy kick

200 cool down

The times and distances and strokes can be changed to fit your needs.  This practice is meant to give you ideas to make your practices more fun and challenging.   As always, please listen to your body and only do what you can safely handle.