Message from the new USMS President

September 29, 2011

Message from USMS President Nadine Day
Dear Michael,

The club renewal window for 2012 opens on October 1. It is our goal to have all clubs renew on time, which means between October 1 and October 31. Individual member renewal opens November 1 and last year we had more than 20,000 members renew in November and December.

If a club is not renewed by October 31, and individual members attempt to renew their membership starting on November 1, they will renew unattached, renew with the wrong club, creating extra work for your registrar or, worst case, not renew at all because they cannot find their club in the drop-down menu.

Our membership coordinator Anna Lea Matysek will be sending a customized club renewal link to all 743 clubs on October 1, and our club and coach development coordinators, Mel Goldstein, Susan Ingraham and Lisa Dahl, will be reaching out to all USMS clubs, encouraging ontime club renewal and offering the services of USMS and your LMSC.

We wanted you to be aware of this outreach and assure you that we will keep you updated on communication and requests from local clubs so we can together provide assistance.

Swimming for Life,
Nadine Day

President | U.S. Masters Swimming
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